Snowdrop Provide Programmes of Stimulation to Help Give All Children a Head Start in Life

Top Quote All parents want the best for their children. All parents want to help their children achieve their full potential. Snowdrop, who provide programmes of developmental stimulation for brain injured children, are to extend their work to well, uninjured children to help parents give their children the best start in life in terms of their physical, intellectual and social development. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 23, 2010 - All parents want to give their child the best start in life. All parents want their child to achieve his or her full potential. There is nothing wrong in that desire, it is natural and good. Did you know that by the time your child is ready for school, most of the phenomenal brain growth which occurs in the first five years of life will be over. Young children, even babies have an exeptional capability to learn, they absorb information at a phenomenal rate, if it is presented in the right way. In Western societies, we ignore these early abilities of a young child's brain and then when the period of rapid brain growth and neuroplasticity is over, we send them to school! That sounds a little 'topsy turvy' does it not?

    By the time a child is ready for school, the perameters of his cognitive functioning and his ability to learn have been largely set. The school system and the teachers within it, do their best but they can only work within the parameters of the child's ability which have been set by his development up to that point. The question is, what can parents do to help maximise their children's potential?

    We know that children who are exposed to an environment which is appropriately enriched, grow up to develop bigger, better developed, more intricately interconnected brains. We know that a child with such a good brain is likely to be comparatively physically, socially and intellectually superior. We also know that children who are exposed to an environment which is impoverished grow up to develop smaller, less well developed, less intricately interconnected brains and that this leads to them being comparatively physically, socially and intellectually inferior. This is fact and has been proven in study after study.

    The question is, how do we provide a child with this 'appropriately enriched environment?' This is where Snowdrop can help.

    Snowdrop has been using the conventions of neuroplasticity for years in the treatment of children who have brain injuries. We have done this to successfully improve the functioning of children who have developmental disabilities such as cerebral palsy, autism, dyspraxia, learning difficulties and many more.

    However, this can also be done with well, uninjured children. Did you know that a child as young as a year old can be taught to read?

    At Snowdrop, we believe that all children, whether they have developmental disabilities or not, have the right to achieve their full potential. We supply programmes of stimulation geared to improve your child's developmental functioning in every area, including social development, so that your child can be physically, intellectually and physiologically at his peak.

    There is no major upheaval involved in providing an appropriately enriched environment, - there is no major expense either. Most of our recommendations can be easily incorporated into your daily life and natural interactions with your child. The most that would be asked of you is a few minutes more per day dedicated solely to interacting with your child. A small thing to do in order to give your child the best chance in life.

    If you are interested in giving your child the best opportunity for growth and development then contact me, Andrew Brereton on snowdrop_cdc ( @ ) btinternet dot com, or give us a call on 01884 38447

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