siRNA Drug Delivery Platform of BOC RNA Speeds Up Disease Treatment Research

Top Quote BOC RNA has been contributing to the development of siRNA drug delivery system and provides a series of siRNA conjugates. End Quote
  • New York, NY (1888PressRelease) December 17, 2021 - BOC RNA, a sub-brand of BOC Sciences, has been contributing to the development of siRNA drug delivery system for years and provides a series of siRNA conjugates.

    siRNA drugs demonstrate promising prospects in clinical practice. However, naked siRNA shows some defects due to the existence of plentiful RNases in the blood which will accelerate its degradation, thus reducing the efficacy of drugs. Facing up to the instability of naked siRNA, BOC RNA establishes the siRNA drug delivery platform, a significant tool for delivering siRNA drug candidates to target cells. This platform mainly provides bioconjugation services to produce diversified siRNA conjugates like peptide-siRNA conjugates, cholesterol-siRNA conjugates, and antibody-siRNA conjugates.

    Peptide-siRNA conjugate
    The peptide-siRNA conjugate of BOC RNA is considered a potent drug delivery strategy since the short cell-penetrating peptide (CPP) is capable of carrying cargo into the cells owing to its easy penetration through the cell membranes. BOC RNA, working with its parent company BOC Sciences, builds a siRNA drug delivery platform that offers the design and synthesis of siRNA, high-quality peptides, as well as peptide-siRNA conjugates. Equipped with advanced technology, BOC RNA has been providing professional technical support for peptide-siRNA conjugation in the last few years.

    Cholesterol-siRNA conjugate
    Cholesterol-siRNA conjugates are also supplied at the platform. Since cholesterol is composed of 15%-30% of cellular membranes, cholesterol-siRNA can be connected to LDL and HDL lightly. Moreover, cholesterol-siRNA conjugates are proved to be retainable and effective in almost all organs. Given the great efficacy of these conjugates, BOC RNA is committed to the provision of related services especially the high-quality bioconjugation of cholesterol and siRNA. BOC RNA is now at the top in the bioconjugation profession due to its abundant experience, customized service, and competitive price.

    Antibody-siRNA conjugate
    Antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) arises to be another helpful strategy for drug delivery owing to the high specificity and affinity of antibodies to antigens. Inspired by the prevalence of ADCs, BOC RNA sets out to optimize antibody-based delivery technology by conjugating antibodies for siRNA delivery. Antibody-siRNA conjugate (ARC) becomes an advantageous tool for its high ligand binding efficiency and prolonged presence in blood while it's still confronted with several challenges in development, such as the immune response and low efficiency of internalization. To achieve further optimization, BOC Sciences has made efforts to chemically modify the siRNAs, provide humanized antibodies, and conjugate them efficiently.

    In addition to the three mentioned above, the siRNA drug delivery platform also offers siRNA-GalNAc conjugates, siRNA-aptamer conjugates, siRNA-folic acid conjugates, etc. Researchers can obtain almost all kinds of siRNA conjugates to satisfy their research needs. With the joint efforts of BOC RNA and other researchers, drug discovery and disease treatment research are expected to speed up shortly.

    Features of BOC RNA's drug delivery platform
    High-quality raw materials
    Experienced technicians
    Customized service and free design
    Favorable price
    Advanced equipment

    About BOC RNA
    BOC RNA is a sub-brand of BOC Sciences devoted to RNA technology. It provides a full spectrum of RNA-related products and services covering the whole process of RNA drug development, such as siRNA design, synthesis, analysis, coupling, delivery, and mRNA vaccines. BOC RNA has ranked among the most reliable and competitive RNAi technology companies owing to its advanced equipment, professional technicians, and abundant expertise.

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