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  • Tatiana Fedorova
  • 12 Konstitucijos prospektas, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Phone: 370 52030677
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  • Simformer is a versatile and scalable business simulation platform based on Simformer Business Simulation.

    Simformer develops serious gamified business simulations, simulations, e-learning courses, and training programs for businesses and educational institutions. A vast amount of functions and features of the platform provides opportunity to organize practical skill orientated training for both students and corporate clients in virtually all disciplines of business management.

    Simformer specializes in training, teaching and personnel assessment with the use of business simulation.
Simformer Press Release -

  • Simformer Business Cup 2016, the First international online management challenge, starts on 4 March, 2016
  • Simformer Business Cup 2016 is an international management and entrepreneurship contest in highly intensive format. The contest consist of two stages. Each stage lasts only two days. Hourly game updates. During this period, the contestants have to prove themselves to be competent managers as well as strong fighters, just like successful managers should be in real life.
  • Simformer Business Cup 2016, an international management and entrepreneurship contest, is meant for professors, instructors, students from various bus ...
  • March 02, 2016