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  • Shumei International is a Japanese-based organization dedicated to working toward the betterment of the human community. Shumei has Natural Agriculture programs around the world that foster a way of life that is in harmony with nature. It also promotes an appreciation of beauty through programs in the arts. All of Shumei%u2019s activities support the balance between inner and outer development. For more information, visit /
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  • Shumei International and Vandana Shiva Launch Seed Freedom, Gardens of Hope Campaign in Japan
  • World-renowned environmentalist Dr. Vandana Shiva and Japanese nonprofit Shumei International launch SEED FREEDOM, GARDENS OF HOPE in Japan to promote seed saving, protecting biodiversity and agricultural systems that work in harmony with nature.
  • Today, Dr. Vandana Shiva and Shumei International announced the launch of SEED FREEDOM, GARDENS OF HOPE in Japan during a special symposium held at th ...
  • February 20, 2013