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  • Sherman Mohr
  • 527 Wanda Drive, Nashville, TN
  • Phone: 6159395436
  • URL:
  • Sherman Mohr's team is comprised of top flight smart phone app developers, business system developers, financial pros, social technology experts, SEO implementation pros, and marketing veterans. We provide strategic counsel and implementations that marry technology and marketing. We understand the symbiotic relationship between marketing and tech. Our team provides the expertise needed to identify and measure your company's intellectual capital. We make that capital more valuable with great technology and marketing implementations. Favored industries include wine and spirits marketing, consulting, marketing firms, restaurants, and any company seeking more from their online presence.
Sherman Mohr Group Press Release -

  • Sherman Mohr chosen to keynote Christian County KY Entrepreneur Conference
  • Strategic Marketing and Technology Consultant Sherman Mohr has selected to deliver his "Don't launch a start up, start a business." lunch n learn session as a keynote address for Christian County KY entrepreneurs.
  • Sherman Mohr of and DevDigital launched a new learning session in January 2014 titled: "Don't launch a start up; start a business." This ...
  • January 14, 2014