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Top Quote SharePoint Outlook Integration bolsters integration of SharePoint and Outlook, enabling users to drag and drop Outlook email and attachments to SharePoint folder directly from Outlook. End Quote
  • New York, NY (1888PressRelease) March 17, 2011 - As a leading developer of SharePoint Web Parts and add-ins, SharePointBoost is aimed to help businesses harness the full power of SharePoint. A recent launch of SharePoint Outlook Integration has left many questions as to what other benefits can this add-on provide. The answer is limitless, but the main motive of SharePointBoost is to utilize SharePoint storage for backing up Outlook e-mails as well as the convenience of e-mail collaboration.

    The connection of SharePoint and Outlook has improved the flexibility of Outlook and the security of SharePoint. Outlook has the capacity of conveniently accepting e-mails but e-mails are often nested on Outlook not. SharePoint has the security to centralize many forms of documents for easy collaboration but are unable to accept direct e-mails. SharePoint Outlook Integration ( eliminates their respective weaknesses and conveniently combines their strengths.

    As we all know, e-mails are often forgotten as one of the most vital piece of data in connection with our business world and if they are not backed up, they are often deleted or thrown into the trash bin (where eventually it will be deleted). SharePoint centralizes all information-type formats in a secure intranet repository and collaboration between team members. Outlook Integration simplifies the back up of Outlook emails and collaboration between SharePoint users.

    E-mails in businesses are usually from business partners, suppliers, or clients and are often used in companies for further business connections. Connections from the outside can now be used to simplify external relationships with internal collaboration. By centralizing these e-mails, you no longer need to remember e-mails. As it is quite a hassle to remember who you would need to send information to or maybe not who, but more so remembering how to spell e-mail addresses to send to (em4i1M3 ( @ ) mymail dot com) dot Also, having a central database of external e-mails help keep others within the company updated dot

    Ever been to a bank's drive through where you have to drop a deposit slip into a container which is dropped into a chute and through air pressure, it flies to the bank teller? Have you ever wanted your own chutes from your office of different departments in which you can drop off different mails by selecting a chute to drop the mail? By having multiple lists and libraries to sort out who has access to what, this allows for an electronic chute to help categorize information or delegate requests to specific teams. Multiple lists and libraries are used here for simplify categorizing in SharePoint as well as Outlook. This electronic chute system helps you maintain department which in turn help appoint certain information to certain teams.

    Digital world discourages us to print off e-mails, so e-mails are often not printed out or in paper form and are left to digital subject where they are quite vulnerable. Even if you can print out e-mails, sometimes the attachments might be a little too big to print. E-mails are often not quite as big as what it carries, the attachments. Attachments are not always alone either, so let us try to be greener and save the environment where we can. SharePoint Outlook Integration makes it easy to be green by expediently allowing you to secure your e-mails into SharePoint.

    With authorization, one can access SharePoint from within Outlook. Authentication of site collections from web applications allow for access to certain lists and libraries, and using SharePoint Outlook Integration, you can easily have access all from one place. By having this screen up more often, you can reduce the response time of customers or coworkers. This will thus increase your efficiency and overall company effectiveness of prompt responses.

    SharePint Outlook Integration ( is a great way to back up your Outlook e-mails and attachments. By backing up your e-mails, you'll ensure that your $100,000 deal is safe if an accident should occur.

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