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Seylan Bank Information
  • Dinesh Jebamani
  • URL: http://www seylan.lk
  • The Bank with a Heart
    The Bank that is Just, Fair and Consistent.
    We provide our Customers with financial services that meets their needs in terms of value, pricing, delivery and service.
    We do so through a team of Seylan Bankers who are recognized and rewarded for results orientation.
Seylan Bank Press Release -

Www seylan.lk

  • Seylan Bank re-launches corporate website to provide exceptional visitor experience
  • "Our new website offers customers an exceptional user experience and is now further attuned to cater to their needs with relevant content in a secure manner," said Seylan Bank Director/Chief Executive Officer Kapila Ariyaratne.
  • Seylan Bank recently re-launched their new corporate website:in an innovative manner by inviting the public to launch the site.

    With mo ...
  • August 04, 2015