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  • Senso 3C is a people company. We assist talented people find meaningful employment while helping great organizations find committed and skilled people. We're different than the rest. Senso 3C takes pride in helping companies solve their business challenges by providing tailored consultative solutions.

    We find the best ways to grow and manage companies with our proven track record of introducing and developing top performers in our Talent Resources division. Our Business Resources division offers relevant industry-specific services that compliment organizational and operational goals. Our business is people.
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  • Small Business Owner Earns Civic Award of Recognition
  • Small business owner, Gabriella Mammone earned a Civic Award of Recognition in the City of Mississauga. She was recognized by her contribution by Mayor Hazel McCallion and Members of Council. She was honored with over 100 residents in May 2013 for her outstanding volunteer contribution to the community.
  • Gabriella Mammone, resident of Mississauga was honored with over 100 residents on May 7, 2013 for her outstanding contribution to the community. The ...
  • June 05, 2013