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  • Steve Champion
  • 1865 Cordova Road, Suite 215
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  • SeaPay provides a safe, streamlined payroll solution for ship crew througout the world. Pay is disbursed onto a secure VISA branded ATM/Debit card on scheduled pay days. Crew then can pay bills, withdraw cash or send funds home online. SeaPay saves the company money and provides the crewmember with many more benefits that cash transfers.
Seapay Press Release -

  • Windstar Cruise Lines(R) Selects SeaPay(TM) Visa(R) Payroll Debit Card
  • SeaPay provides cruiselines and marine shipping companies a safe, efficient and cost saving alternative to traditional cash payments to crew. Through the use of a secure VISA branded ATM/Debit card, crew are paid and then may go online to pay bills, send money home, manage their accounts or withdraw cash at ATM's.
  • Billed as one of the most comprehensive crew payment solutions, Windstar Cruise Lines has selected CTI Group's proprietary product, SeaPay™. SeaPay™ ...
  • October 20, 2011