SDI Releases Guidelines on Designing a Professional Mobile Website

Top Quote Softwaredevelopersindia CEO Raj.S believes a mobile website needs to be characteristically simple and fluent to hold good with users. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) May 25, 2011 - Over the years, internet usage on the go has been massive, on the up, and as it were, the scenes are going to be no different in the times to come. Industry analytics like Softwaredevelopersindia almost posit it a foregone conclusion that mobile browsing will be in the ascendant, and that gives a great reason for all webmasters to make a dash for the mobile website designing…to a barrage of mobile devices that make up the lucrative whole of mobile internet browsing. Raj.S, the company's CEO laid down insightful points about how to design mobile websites professionally and successfully.

    Raj candidly puts his weight behind a fluid layout to bring out the best in any mobile web design. In his words, Raj says, "Mobile devices offer midget-sized screens with varying resolutions. Your professionally designed website should hold well on all screen sizes and over all resolution-types, the content should fit-in, images and visuals need to match with the scale and resolution with readability intact. Adopting a Fluid layout is a golden word in mobile web designing, for such a layout attunes itself to the screen size and resolution, utilizes the available space in its entirety and upholds the consistency of your website across different mobile devices."

    Playing up the needs of mobile website designing, which Raj holds are very different from commercial web designing, Raj adds, "Simple brainstorming is enough to get to the realization that a professionally designed mobile website can't be as grand or loaded as its desktop counterpart; designing mobile website's a different ball game-one has to work within a much lesser degree of freedom and make the best of it at the same time. It is therefore a good practice to keep the design features light and instead let the impetus be on incorporating all the features necessary from a user standpoint."

    Mobile browsers are quite picky on any ambiguities with the coding of a mobile website. Raj asks webmasters to keep up with clean and valid codes, and as far as possible, using XHTML within the code since it is supported my most well-known mobile browsers. However, it is not a hard-and-fast rule to live up to, Raj says, as one may use HTML and CSS as well and still find acceptance with many browsers.

    According to Raj, a graphic-heavy site, besides being cumbersome to design, will be a slow poke on most mobile browsers, chasing away visitors even before they get a decent look in. Besides, images are not much of an incentive to mobile users'-who in general have a thing for rapid, swift browsing and are more inclined to look out for specific information rather than visuals and images. Raj strongly advocates modest use of images, only as much as necessary to bring about the context, or underling some critical purpose.

    "Information exchange is critical to any business; but just how much. Even with modern, easy-to-use and increasingly well-spaced keypads, mobile users are not expected to fill in extensive, long-winded forms, not unless you believe in miracles of course. The purport of mobile browsing is to quickly get down to what a user is looking for, and most mobile users are given to this kind of outlook. So include only the important fields in the forms; may be like asking only for an e-mail address to be given out and leaving the rest for a later point in time" adds Raj to bring out his standpoint on the precision of the info-exchange forms.

    Finally, Raj presses upon the need for easy and prudent navigation for mobile web development. "With the mobile world teeming with touchscreen devices, there is no other way for a professional mobile website but to be explicitly navigable, with a distinct clickable area that catches a user's eye at the first look. The click buttons should stand out in the layout, focused enough to leave users indrawn" holds forth the CEO of Softwaredevelopersindia.

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