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  • Ra Lalita Dasi
  • 143 Antheon St
  • Phone: 694-2270800
  • URL:
  • Satya Loka offers trainings, retreats and individual support to anyone who seeks genuine spiritual growth through Tantra, Meditation, Yoga and the path of the Heart. We are committed to transmit the teachings in a clear and digestible way that also honours and serves the uniqueness of each individual. Our teachers are highly experienced and renowned for their commitment to the path and our school has a creditable international presence.Visit for more details.
Satya Loka Traditional Tantra And Yoga Press Release -

  • Satya Loka Organises various Meditation Retreats In Greece, Austria, & India
  • Satya Loka promises authentic meditation retreats in Greece India and Austria within the natural beauty of Mount Olympus, the Himalayas and the Alps, offering techniques from Hridaya Yoga, Kriya Yoga and inspirations from Ramana Maharishi
  • Thessaloniki, Greece - Satya Loka, a school, founded to preserve and teach traditional yoga, tantra, and meditation now offer a variety of meditation ...
  • February 11, 2019