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  • Glen Montgomery
  • Phone: 954-603-8970
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  • Salma Systems provides nationwide end-of-life IT Asset Management & computer liquidation services, offering fast payment and competitive bids for large quantities of used, off-lease, and surplus computers and other business-class IT equipment. We can destroy sensitive hard drive data via our DoD wipe and hard drive degaussing services, and offer free equipment valuations to organizations which are looking to sell corporate used IT equipment.
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  • New E-Waste Laws Create More Need for Ethical Electronics Recyclers
  • Recently implemented e-waste recycling laws in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Indiana have created an even greater need for computer recyclers such as Salma Systems.
  • Coconut Creek, FL - Laws concerning electronic waste, or e-waste, have recently tightened in several states, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and I ...
  • January 12, 2011