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  • Safe Search Independent Ethics Committee (SSIEC) is an ethical committee for clinical trials involving controlled use of human beings in medical experiments. This committee reviews applications relating to clinical trials conducted for introducing new medicines, pharmaceutical products as well as medical devices required to cure diseases. Individual researchers and medical scientists may not be able to do what is right in all the circumstances as noticed in number of incidences in the past.
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  • Safe Search Independent Ethics Committee (SSEIC) Explains Significance of Clinical Research Ethical Reviews
  • Due to the increasing stress in life, there are many diseases which have entered the human life all over the world. The disorders in respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, nervous system etc., in a human body are not at all rare now. So, to cure these diseases and disorders, everyday, pharmaceutical companies introduce new medicines, drugs and formulas in the market.
  • Before launching a medicine in the market, it becomes very much necessary to test its safety and efficacy which is known as clinical research. It invo ...
  • December 19, 2012