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  • Kristin Wu
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  • RTA Investments was originally formed in 1990 to work with asset owners, lenders and equity investors, including the FDIC, the former RTC, financial institutions and investment groups, in the asset preservation and strategic direction of under performing asset and loan portfolios.
    The company has specialized expertise in determining and executing the most viable legal, business, sale and operating plans for under performing assets, focused on asset preservation, timing, legal and cost considerations, drawing upon an experienced legal and business perspective.
    RTA also invests in and acquires loans and assets in CA, TX and the Southeast, with a focus on retail, residential and mixed use.
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  • Mary Anne Keshen & Lisa Podos Join Board of Directors of California Alliance for Arts Education
  • Mark Slavkin, the Chair of the CA Alliance for Arts Education (CAAE) announced today that Mary Anne Keshen and Lisa Podos have joined the CAAE Board of Directors, the CA statewide arts education advocacy group based in Pasadena and Sacramento, CA.
  • "We are pleased to have both Mary Anne Keshen and Lisa Podos join us in our efforts to advocate, preserve and enhance arts education for all CA studen ...
  • June 22, 2012