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  • Ross Gallen
  • 7700 Irvine Center Drive Ste. 800, Irvine, CA
  • Phone: 949-788-2980
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  • Publishing historical novels that impact contemporary social, political and economic issues in the 21st century.
Ross Gallen Author Press Release -

  • Ross Gallen Political Fiction Author Announces New Website
  • Lovers of timely political fiction, and powerful stories that act as a catalyst for change, swarm this site.
  • Ross Gallen's political fiction presentation makes you question the future of our society and where it is heading. In keeping with this, Gallen devel ...
  • September 11, 2010
  • "Revolution, 51st Century" Earns 5 Star Book Review
  • John Renaud at Action Book Review says Revolution 51st Century is "an amazing piece of fiction, action, and futuristic drama that kept me turning the pages from beginning to end!" He gives the book 5 Stars.
  • "This novel will make you question the future of our society and wonder if this could actually be a look at where our nation is heading. The story was ...
  • August 18, 2010
  • Preppers and Survivalists Attention: Revolution, 51st Century, A Must Read!
  • Read the truth about Muslim extremism and the danger it poses to the American way of life. Treating terrorists as mere criminals by the criminal justice system fails to take into account the true nature of their threat to the American way of life.
  • This administration has squandered the preeminence of American power. Its conduct is reminiscent of the indecision and temerity of Jimmy Carter. It ...
  • June 01, 2010
  • Revolution, 51st Century By Ross Gallen
  • This is the novel feared by the Obama Administration because it dares to show ordinary Americans, in unvarnished terms, what happens when Muslim extremists unleash a nuclear fire storm on the United States.
  • Revolution, 51st Century by Ross Gallen, critically examines what happens to life as we know it because of the Administration's policy of appeasement. ...
  • May 22, 2010