Robust iSmartRecruit Recruitment CRM Software is now upgraded with Version (21.7)

Top Quote The new release of iSmartRecruit is now upgraded with more features and helps your organization to grow. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) May 02, 2019 - It is proven that using an automation tool will always help you to simplify your way of work as it is capable to manage the concurrent activities and delivers you the best results.

    Previously it can be observed that the big organization used the automation tool and one of the main reason is their prices and only the big players can afford it, now the things have changed a lot as the technologies are moving very fast so the firm of any size (small, mid and big) have various options to choose the best one.

    Recently iSmartRecruit has upgraded to the version (21.7) with more features and power and the following are the set of advanced features that will help your organization to grow.

    → Consent Status Updates - GDPR Consent History
    This feature is for the customer who uses the GDPR feature. Now it is possible to see the complete history of the consent for the candidate.

    You can enable the GDPR flag into the system and see the whole history of the consent of a candidate with particular dates. You can click on the Consent Button and see the history of the consent of a candidate.

    → LinkedIn Plugin - Auto GDPR Consent Request
    Now it is possible to send consent request to Candidate when recruiter tries to import Profile from the LinkedIn using Profile Scanner Plugin. This option will be available only if the GDPR setting is ON in the system configuration.

    → Twilio Integration
    Twilio is a great platform to establish two way SMS synchronization and VOIP calling. Earlier it was possible to configure the Twilio at enterprise level only so all user will not be able to use their individual number.

    Now it is possible to configure the Twilio in profile setting so each user can do the configuration of their own. You can buy multiple numbers from Twilio to have an individual number for each user. It will add great flexibility where each user can get revert of their own calls and SMS only.

    For the existing user who has been using Twilio integration may copy-paste credentials from system configuration to profile setting

    →Vendor Management System Update
    Vendor Management Module has been improved in terms of data privacy. The following are the key changes has been done in the system in terms of data privacy.
    • A vendor can have multiple users and they can’t see each other’s information if role
    the setting is private.
    • A vendor can have multiple users and they can see each other’s information if role
    the setting is public.
    • Vendors can’t see each other’s information.
    • The vendor can’t see client information.
    • The vendor can’t see other users (internal or external) who have been working on the
    same job.

    → Vendor Management System Report
    Now you can generate the report separately for vendors. Just like client report, you can see the detailed report of your vendors including the number of jobs, number of positions, and overall success rate of particular vendor user. Overall this is the best place to track the performance of your vendor.

    → Right To Left (RTL) Language Support
    We included RTL Language in the CKEditor into the system. Now you can write text in Arabic kind of RTL languages also.

    → Secondary Resume Viewer
    As you know the system has a feature to store two copies of CVs (primary & secondary) and both can be searchable as well. When you go for keyword-based search, the search will be done in both copies of CVs and best matching CV will be displayed in the result. Earlier it was just showing the primary CV only. Also matching keywords will get highlighted into the system as well.

    → Change Password Email Notification
    Now user can have the email on Change Password action. If the user clicked on the Forgot Password button, an email will confirm and get the success message of Password Change.

    → Location in Candidate Status Report
    In the Candidate Status Report, we have added a field of Location in the report. Now the location of the candidate can be also seen in the report.

    → Contextual & Semantic Search
    Instead of just text matching, now it is possible to do the contextual search based on your preference. For example, if you search for “QA”, it will automatically search for “Quality Assurance” and “Testing” kind of keywords which defined as synonyms in the system.

    You can define your own database of skills & synonyms or you can use the default database of skills & synonyms provided by the system.

    The following are the settings added in System Configuration option with respect to skills database configuration.

    Setting 1: Do you want to use your own skill database?
    If you set YES then the system is used to parse skills from resume with your own database skills to prepare candidate skills and use them in the quick search. If you set NO then the system uses default database in resume.

    Setting 2: Do you want to store primary skills?
    If you set YES then the system will store primary skills. If you set NO then the system will store default skills as they are parsed from resume.

    → Job View Tracking Data Update
    Now it is possible to track the applications along with the traffic analysis. It is possible to track which source delivers more traffic on your career page and out of this traffic, which source delivered finally more applications.

    You will be able to see other information in the job view tracking tab in the jobs management section. You can see the clicks of the source with a particular date as well as time.

    → Client Tracker - Allow the client to see the Candidate Information
    Now your client can see the candidate information from the tracker screen. In the client tracking section, your client can click on the candidate name and can see the view dialogue box of the candidate.

    This option is by default disable and you can activate using the following section.

    → Candidate Activity Stream - Interview Information
    Now you can see the complete history of interviews conducted on the particular candidate in the activity stream. You will able to see the following information of the interview in the view dialogue box.
    1. Interview type
    2. Interview date
    3. Interview result

    → Apply Filter on Candidate Search
    There are live filters available in the top part of the table which helps you to filter information very quickly based on your preference.

    → Billing Fees
    Now it is possible to capture the billing fees for each hiring into the system. You have to click on the joining detail action in the Pipeline screen.

    → Active job candidate status history
    Now it is possible to see the Candidate Status History from the candidate drill down option available in the Active Jobs screen.

    → Candidate Matching Percentage
    Now it is possible to see the matching percentile value while creating the job.

    → Performance Improvement
    We try to optimize the application to deliver the best performance to the user.

    If you would like to more about iSmartRecruit Applicant Tracking System then you can simply drop us an email on sales ( @ ) ismartrecruit dot com and if you would like any support then drop us an email on support ( @ ) ismartrecruit dot com.

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