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  • (1888PressRelease) June 28, 2023 - The 45th episode of Pitch Events achieved another triumphant completion. Yet again another group of high-potential entrepreneurs were introduced to join this much-anticipated series to showcase their capabilities and venture goals amidst the presence of an international audience and keen angel investors. This broadcasting program has continued to facilitate young businessmen and women of all ages to pitch their business ventures with the aim of finding investors who share their vision and mission.

    Those interested can join EquityMatch.co and be a part of the ongoing, thought-provoking discussions, you can easily tune in every Tuesday and Thursday from 5.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. GMT via Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

    Massimiliano (Max) Sulpizi – our host, a well-known figure in the business world. He is the founder of "EquityMatch.co" and also serves as the Managing Partner of HSMI-Corporate Advisory. Max has a multifarious background as a venture capitalist, business owner, merchant banker as well as a CEO. He has advised companies in infrastructure, fashion, real estate, and technology sectors, on deals worth over €100 million and fundraising efforts exceeding €50 million.

    After welcoming all and giving a quick introduction about what Pitch Events aims to achieve through the series across the globe, Max reminded all viewers that being a part of the show is simple and it is for anyone, who is looking to breathe life into their life and business goals.

    Without delay, Max then invited the first pitcher for this episode.
    Carlos Tapang is the CEO and Founder of ROCKSTABLE TOKEN INC. He is seeking an investment of $ 1 million in a Seed Round.

    The presentation began with Carlos stating “ROCKSTABLE allows users to send money to other countries from the US, and currently, we have our pilot program launched in 4 states, to the Philippines”, He started his company to create a safer, more affordable, and easier way to send money, inspired by his own difficulties with remittance companies while supporting his family in the Philippines.

    ROCKSTABLE is designed for cross-border money transfers. The USD is the most desirable yet the most impractical for people at large to hold. It’s safe to hold for individuals who live and earn in an unlawful manner- including drug lords. A regular unprotected person is well-advised to refrain from keeping any cash in wallet. Countries like the Philippines offer a large market opportunity at $35 billion. Other market opportunities exist in India ($83 billion) and Mexico ($43 billion). “We provide services in California, which has many Philippine citizens, our monthly revenue is $65,000, that's how large the market size is”, Carlos explained.

    ROCKSTABLE earns revenue through remittance and aims to become a stable coin company backed by USDC. Their next plan is to transition into a money-issuing company. Max and Carlos discussed the investment overview and had a Q&A session on operations, user functions, marketing, and more.

    Next up was Den Manu, who’s the Founder of WestWall Online. He’s seeking an investment in a pre-seed round.

    Den explained that WestWall Online bridges the gap between technology and spirituality by delivering physical prayer notes to the Western Wall in Jerusalem within 24 hours and providing photo confirmation. “If users want to make a wish or pray by Western Wall, but they cannot come in person to Israel, we got them”, Den highlighted. Once a note is sent a confirmation is sent to the user via email.

    For revenue, one note of prayer is priced at $25. Handwritten notes are $35, and users can even choose to pay $77 under a monthly subscription, which will enable the user to send 4 notes. With an audience of devoted religious followers, WestWall has a market opportunity of $2 billion. Their Web 3 wall on the blockchain and metaverse securely mints each note as a unique NFT, creating a verifiable record of the user’s prayers and dreams.

    He shared the detailed digital marketing strategies planned and the scaling plans by creating a super app and digital wall. Dan then engaged with Max about how he plans to deliver their goals, and what’s going to be the strategy behind it. They also discussed how NFTs will be utilized, which revenue streams will be lucrative, and what kind of influencers would be ideal to help with the digital marketing strategy and more.

    The final pitch was carried out by Álvaro Sáez, who’s the Co-founder and the CEO of HechicerIA. Álvaro is seeking investment in a Series-A Round.

    Álvaro began by asking “Could you estimate how long it may take Pixar Studios to storyboard a single scene from Toy Story?” This was to highlight the insane time consumed and the human effort it takes in creating a quality animation piece. Visual production has experienced exponential growth recently. HechicerIA develops artificial intelligence software for the automatic creation of audiovisual content and video games for text. It is able to render 3D scenes according to the content of a script or descriptive text, automatically in a matter of seconds. It can even generate scenes with diverse characters, environments and animations, objects animals, etc.

    In terms of Market size, in 2022 the audiovisual sector grew to $130 billion. “We project a SOM of $25 billion with an expected growth for the next 3 years of 15%” Álvaro added. After presenting a competitor analysis, he shared a fascinating clip to showcase the potential of HechicerIA technology. Their business model’s based on SaaS. He explained “In 2022 we entered the market and earned €60,000, and from then the profit will be positive until reaching €18 million by 2026. In 2024 we’ll expand internationally with Investment Partners like SODECO and several grants from the Spanish government”.

    After concluding, Max inquired on the extent HechicerIA can grow and scale in terms of revenue and different markets. Here the online audience also posed questions on whether wizardry can be converted to 3D realities and artistic presentations along with video games, to which Álvaro ensured the possibility is there while explaining how it will be possible.
    Next, Max laid out the ultimate question, “What’s the motivation behind your venture? and why should an investor invest?”

    Carlos responded he favors the free market and sees cryptocurrencies, especially stablecoins, as potential competition to the centrally planned world money system. He believes it's a prime time to invest while their valuation is low, as their success in the market will drive up their value, potentially disadvantaging late investors.
    According to Álvaro, artificial technologies such as cinema, video games, and virtual reality have a promising future. He believes virtual reality video will reach its peak soon, offering unlimited possibilities for businesses and content generation. With a talented team and impressive results, Álvaro considers his company the best investment choice in this field globally.

    Unfortunately, Dan couldn’t connect due to technical difficulties, so Max concluded the session by thanking all for participating and reminding all to join each week. EquityMatch.co provides marketing and promotion options to participants and connects them directly with investors through available courses. Check out http://www.equitymatch.co and their social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) for upcoming sessions and events.

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