Richard Henry Proves That the Paternal Haplogroup E1B1A Is the Real Israelite Lineage

Top Quote Richard Henry has proof that the descendants of the black slaves who left West Africa are the descendants of the Biblical Israelites. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) March 08, 2017 - Houston, TX - "If you look at the 28th chapter, verse 68 of Deuteronomy, it says that the Israelites would be sent to Egypt(America) on ships, which pinpoints the Africans who were taken from West Africa and sent to different parts of the world such as the Americas and Europe. The Africans went to the Americas on ships also known as the Middle Passage," says Henry.

    The black Israelites were put in slavery in the Americas and Europe because their ancestors disobeyed Yahweh in the ancient days. Yahweh sent his son Yeshua to help cleanse the hearts of the Israelites during the Roman occupation but the Jews would not listen. However, Yahweh does promise to restore his people back to their ancestral homeland.

    "Yeshua, also called Jesus Christ by many was a black Jewish man who looked like a modern day black Israelite. He was not a Caucasian like the media tries to portray. The Jewish men who lived in Israel during the Roman occupation mostly had the E1B1A haplogroup and were of a black and brown skin color," says Richard.

    People also need to understand that the Jews are only a small portion of the Israelites who descend from Jacob's son Judah. All Israelites are not Jews but all Jews are Israelites.

    A paternal haplogroup is passed from father to son and a maternal haplogroup is passed from mother to daughter and from mother to son since males get two haplogroups, while females get only one haplogroup.

    Only men will be found with the haplogroup E1B1A but if a woman's father has this haplogroup, then she is an Israelite as well.

    Jacob passed the haplogroup E1B1A to his twelve sons who became the nations of Israel.

    The Bantu males in Africa also have the haplogroup E1B1A in abundance and are descendants of the Biblical Israelites. Scientists have claimed that there was a Bantu expansion in Africa. The reality is that the Bantu expansion was the scattering of the Israelites on the African continent.

    "The Ashkenazi Jews are not the descendants of Abraham unless they have the paternal haplogroup E1B1A, which they hardly ever have. They use the haplogroups most common to them and force it upon us as proof that they are the descendants of the Biblical Israelites, which deceives many people," says Henry.

    Based upon DNA science, most Ashkenazi Jews are not the descendants of the Biblical Israelites.

    The Middle East is actually Northeast Africa, which is what the Middle East was originally known as. A map called Mar di Aethiopia vulgo Oceanus Aethiopicus, shows that the Middle East is Africa. This map was created by the Dutch cartographer Johannes Janssonius in the 17th century and it is something that the media will not speak about.

    Another thing that people are not aware of is that the country of Israel sits on the African tectonic plate and has plants and animals that are of African species. Israel is in Africa.

    "Any male, regardless of race who has the paternal haplogroup E1B1A is a true descendant of the Biblical Israelites but most of the men in the world who have the haplogroup E1B1A are black men," says Henry.

    E1B1A is mostly found in black men who live in Canada, America, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and Africa.

    The paternal haplogroup J has been widely recognized as Abraham's lineage but people have been misled. The oldest fossils of the haplogroup J were found in Eurasia and the only reason it is found in the Middle East is because of the invasions of foreign peoples during the last few thousand years that include the British, French, Romans, Greeks, Turks, Babylonians and Assyrians.

    "Haplogroup J originated in Eurasia and did not come from Abraham, Isaac or Jacob. We have all the proof that we need to show the entire world who the real Israelites are. There are Hispanics, Native Americans, whites, East Asians and other non-black groups of people who have the haplogroup E1B1A due to black Israelite men having children by their women. The real Israelites have a worldwide presence but the fact remains that the Biblical Israelites were a black and brown people who resembled today's black people," says Henry.

    The Lemba tribe of Africa claim that they are descended from the Biblical Israelites and claim that they fled Israel during the brutal Roman occupation. They settled in Yemen before moving into Africa. They have E1B1A among their males at a high percentage.

    "If you go on Gedmatch and choose the MDLP Project calculators, it will show you that those with the E1B1A haplogroup have ancestry that goes back to Yemen. I even searched the kit numbers of those with Haplogroup J and they did not go to Yemen. There is a ton of evidence in the Bible that many of the ancient Israelites traveled to the African continent and lived there," says Richard.

    In Nigeria, there are a group of Igbo Jews who practice Judaism and have E1B1A in abundance in their DNA.

    The Cohen modal haplotype, which Ashkenazi Jews claim that proves you are a Levitical priest does not appear within the haplogroup E1B1A because the Cohen modal haplotype has nothing to do with Abraham or the Biblical Israelites.

    Richard recommends that men and women get tested at 23andMe because it will give you a very accurate paternal and maternal haplogroup.

    The maternal haplogroups L2 and L3 are the same haplogroups that the wives of Jacob's twelve sons had. Haplogroup L2 and L3 are also the same haplogroups that Jacob's four wives had who were Leah, Rachel, Zilpah and Bilhah. Those who test positive for these haplogroups are also Israelites on the maternal side. A male or female can have these haplogroups. People who have this haplogroup had an ancient female ancestor who was a black Israelite just like any male who has E1B1A had a male ancestor who was a black Israelite.

    "We must make it very clear that the paternal Israelite lineage E1B1A is the most important lineage of the Israelites but we can include the maternal haplogroups of L2 and L3. E1B1A must be the standard for determining whether or not a male is a descendant of the Biblical Israelites. The Ashkenazi Jews say that the maternal haplogroup is the most important lineage but that is not true," says Henry.

    E1B1A has many subgroups or mutations and those who get tested need to see what mutation they have because depending on the mutation of this haplogroup that you have, will determine which of Jacob's twelve sons you are descended from.

    "As long as your haplogroup has the first five characters of E1B1A regardless of what follows it, you are an Israelite. E1B1A comes in many forms such as E1B1A1 or E1B1A8. A simple Wikipedia search of E1B1A and other sources will show you the different manifestations that E1B1A takes," claims Richard.

    Richard Henry tested positive for haplogroup E-M180, which is a subgroup of E1B1A and indicates that he is descended from the priestly line of Levi.

    "Many people around the world are waking up to the fact that black people in the Americas, Africa, Canada, the Carribean and Europe are the real Biblical Israelites. I want to get the word out so that people will know the truth," says Henry.

    For more information, you can contact Richard Henry at rhenry2000 ( @ ) yahoo dot com

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