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  • Richard Fahrafellner
  • 1100 River Street Ste 7 Ridgefield New Jersey 07657 USA
  • Phone: 12016038143
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  • Bone Science is a trademark of the US company Redmars America Co, Ltd. The company develops, manufactures, and distributes dietary supplements for height growth. The goal of Bone Science is to provide 100% natural and quality products that contribute to the health of its consumers. More at
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  • Bone Science Commits to Promote Height Growth in the US and Korea with Dr's Grow UP
  • Bone Science is excited to announce the launch of its height growth supplement Dr's Grow UP which will be available initially in the USA and South Korea. Further markets will follow in a second launch phase. Bone Science has the goal to provide 100% natural quality-products to promote height growth and overall health.
  • A tall stature often comes with great benefits and might lead to a higher income according to a study in the Journal of Applied Psychology. It indicat ...
  • December 10, 2019