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  • Melanie Potter
  • URL: http://www.rainbowdressup.com
  • Rainbowdressup.com started out in 2009 as an online gaming company, developing games for girls of various styles and genre. In 2014, the company extended to the mobile world, continuously publishing its games for Android, as individual games or in packs. The 33 in 1 Games for Girls pack is the first with over 30 games in one place and addresses girls raging from 5 years old and up to 15.
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  • 33 in 1 Games for Girls- The Perfect Bundle of Joy
  • Rainbowdressup.com, one of the big players of the online girl-games market, announces the mobile launch of its largest bundle of games so far, the 33 in 1 Games for Girls pack.
  • Some of the company's most diverse 33 girl games are wrapped up together in a free to download pack, to give the user the opportunity to discover and ...
  • June 19, 2015