Pujya Gurudev Namramuni Maharajsaheb's 1st religious camp (Shibir) in the metro of Kolkata

Top Quote The fabulous feature of feelings - The Soul Breaking all records in 30 years of Kolkata's history, the centre of attraction for the young generation… Packed campus of 3,500 sq. ft. huge Mahavirdham, French Motor Co. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) March 15, 2011 - The icon of children and the mentor of youngsters, who has traveled to Kolkata to arouse the curiosity of the soul-seekers and then satisfy the same, the heart throb of the adolescent generation, Gondal sect Pujya Gurudev Shree Namramuni M.S.'s first religious camp on the topic of "The fabulous feature of feelings - The Soul" attracted the large mass of youngsters in the metro of Kolkata. His innovative style, simple and easy explanations and the intent to lead everyone on the spiritual path immediately transformed Honorable Gurudev to Dear Gurudev.

    A person has taken birth in this world….and done only 3 things in the interim period to death E-E-L (Earn Eat Lose). But it was now time to justify the human birth by moving towards soulful and humanitarian activities. With this awareness, the Shibir was conducted to discuss: The fabulous feature of feelings - The Soul.

    The effect of the VIBRATIONS coming out of the soul, eyes and right toe of saints and Satguru; WAVES coming out of non-living things and the result on living beings; the aftereffect of the RAYS coming out of a mother's eyes; the AURA and the strong divine powerhouse ENERGY created by the thoughts and feelings generated in the soul - the importance of each of these, the relevance and connection with each other and the understanding of this whole phenomenon was given using small simple examples. This deeply touched the heart of everyone present and there was a unanimous request for another Shibir, which Pujya Namramuni Gurudev accepted happily.

    On this occasion, Pujya Namramuni Gurudev inspired VCD of Reason and Vision relating to the day's topic was shown on a large screen and this helped clarify various concepts.

    In addition, a live recording of the humanitarian and kind activities done by members of the 39 centers of Pujya Namramuni Gurudev inspired Arham Yuva Group across India, on the 4 Sundays of every month, motivated other youth to become part of this supreme family.

    Looking at the large numbers of the crowd, and more importantly, so many youngsters, tightly filled in the Shibir of a saint on a Sunday morning, Shree Ramnikbhai Avlani was filled with joy and announced that Kolkata's record of last 30 years was broken. The same atmosphere was there when Pujya Shree Hemchandrasuriji Maharajsaheb also conducted a Shibir about 30 years back. After that, many a reputed saints passed by but never were so many people and youngsters seen together in one place. The day has become memorable and historic. The Shibir had begun from 9 in the morning and continued till 1.30 in the noon, but no one was in a hurry to leave or felt irritated, as if they had forgotten where time passed by.

    Shree Jinesh Jayantibhai Mehta took the opportunity to be blessed with the mala of Shree Uvasaggahara Strotra Jaap (group prayer).

    Those who answered correctly to the curious and intelligent questions were given prizes and there was a lucky draw as well during the Shibir.

    At the end of the Shibir, with inquisitiveness about the topic for the next camp, everyone dispersed after having lunch organised by the Shree Sangha.

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