Project Sales Corp Brings in ARMITE L-P 250 anti seize compound to India

Top Quote About Project Sales Corp: Project Sales Corp, started in Y2000 has been supporting major offshore projects with their project consumables requirements. The largest contract value in 2008 for consumables was for approx. 1 million USD from Helix Energy Solutions for the KG-D6 project where Project Sales Corp sourced materials for the client from over 6 different countries and over two dozen locat End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) May 07, 2021 - Anti-Corrosion - Led Plate 250 not only has high corrosion resistance but also prevents oxidation and corrosion on the material to which it is applied. This quality makes it a staple for all around use in chemical plants, refineries and marine applications.
    Anti-Seize (Metal to Metal) - Led Plate prevents a corrosion weld between metal to metal surfaces. This feature is important from the standpoint of maintenance of heavy industrial equipment.
    Low Temperature Usage - The compound forms an effective seal for equipment handling liquid nitrogen at -350F. It is recommended for pipe sealing applications at temperatures to -100F.
    High Pressure Applications - Increasing pressures cause the lead particles to pack more closely, strengthening the seal. Led Plate 250 can be used for up to 50,000 PSI. The use of an added gasket may be required if fitting tolerances are too liberal. A filler compound may be required (Led Plate 250-F) if the high pressure fitting threads are coarse.
    Anti-Galling or Anti-Freezing - This compound forms a thin pure lead coat on metal while filling all voids and smoothing the surface. Friction is greatly reduced and less torque is needed for assembly and dis-assembly. Because the joined metals are isolated from moisture and oxygen, deterioration by galvanic action is eliminated. Led Plate is particularly useful for materials which gall easily, such as aluminum and stainless steel.
    Anti-Seize and High Temperature Qualities - The compound remains as an effective anti-seize, even to the fusing or melting point of the surrounding metals. The hydrocarbon vehicle volatizes out at between 600F-700F leaving only the pure mineralized lead, which becomes liquid at about the same temperature. On cooling, the lead solidifies as a fine metallic ash and still retains its lubricating and sealing qualities. Applications include steam and gas turbines, refinery units, boilers, railway and aircraft.
    Lubricating Qualities - Led Plate is valuable as a lubricant in many tapping, machining and metal forming jobs. (It is not recommended as a bearing lubricant, except for very loose journal bearings (its plating action will freeze close tolerance bearings.).

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