President Releases a Free Consumer Awareness Book to Combat Identity Theft

Top Quote Address how identity thieves use a stolen identity. Announces a free book compiled to school consumers about identity theft tactics, how to avoid being victimized and courses of actions once discovered a consumer is a victim of the crime. End Quote
    QuoteReduce Identity Theft and preserve your good nameQuote
  • (1888PressRelease) December 06, 2008 - Durango, CO Mr. Hudkins, President of American Industry Maintenance (AIM), LLC which is an organization dedicated to consumer awareness, began our conversation by stating “I never held any love for a legally convicted criminal in any capacity and as such, I don’t believe their ill intent(s) can be punished enough. Okay people get caught, convicted and do their time and this is supposed to be enough but, what about the victims? The person who has had some dear family member or friend murdered, raped, molested and victimized in any capacity; the crime is not diminished by time served.”

    He went on to say “We in our human capacity are told in counseling to forgive and forget and this is philosophically the answer to living a full and happy life. How is anyone supposed to accept that when they hear stories on the news where an identity thief is seen crying before a judge for forgiveness and before serving time, providing victim restitution or even drying the phony tears, the criminal gets caught again stealing mail and attempting to cash a stolen check on the way home from the court appearance where time served hasn’t even been determined or imposed?”

    Mr. Hudkins continued by stating, “It is shameful despite State, Federal, Congressional, Senate and private organization initiatives that identity theft is not only the number one white collar crime in the United States but it (the crime) continues to spiral upward and remains out of control. I don’t serve in an elected capacity but I do wish harsher punishment, consumer alternatives and basically anything to curb identity theft could be implemented faster and more proficiently in our country. I figure with little desire to seek public office the least I could do as a consumer awareness advocate is to at least publish a book and that being so, be humanitarian enough to give it away as a means to help prevent the continued increase in victims of identity theft.”

    Mr. Hudkins announced his book How to Avoid Identity Theft is posted on his website at and is available for free. He stated, “I can’t be a super hero and fight this crime on my own but I can hope to educate consumers on what identity theft is, how criminals steal identities, what they do with stolen profiles and provide people with solid courses of actions to avoid the crime and/or react legally if a victim of identity theft.” He also said, “If I could save just one person from the aggravating realities they face once discovering they have been a victim of identity theft than this is alone; would be its own just reward.”

    Mr. Hudkins wrestles with the fact that in the face of a recession and a slim possibility of a depression so many people think their identity is not credit worthy enough for a criminal to take note or action upon. He stated, “Identity theft isn’t just about draining a bank account. Yes, thieves do use identity profiles according to the FTC for Credit Card Fraud where they may change the billing address on your credit card so that you no longer receive bills, and then run up charges on your account. Because your bills are now sent to a different address and it may be some time before you realize there's a problem.”

    Additionally he mentioned, “With Utilities Fraud criminals may use your name to get utility services like electricity, heating, or cable TV. With Banking Fraud they may create counterfeit checks using your name or account number. They may open a bank account in your name and write bad checks. They may clone your ATM or debit card and make electronic withdrawals in your name, draining your accounts and/or they may take out a loan in your name.”

    That’s not all he said by continuing with, “Government documents fraud allows identity thieves to get a driver's license or official ID card issued in your name but with their picture. They may use your name and Social Security number to get government benefits. They may file a fraudulent tax return using your information. Thieves could also get a job using your Social Security number. They may rent a house or get medical services using your name. They may give your personal information to police during an arrest. If they don't show up for their court date, a warrant for arrest is issued in your name.”

    In summary Mr. Hudkins stated, “I hope people will find the time to read my book, it is 150 pages of no fluff guidance and it is the expert opinions compiled and condensed from the officials assigned to the Federal Trade Commission, FBI, Department of Justice, Homeland Security, Identity Protection Services and a great many others. Together I think; we can reduce this ever vicious crime wave of identity theft”

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