Prehistory Explained by Shane Leach Available For Worldwide Distribution

Top Quote Meticulously Researched Book Explains Some Of Mankind’s Greatest Unexplained Mysteries. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) June 12, 2020 - Prehistory Explained (AISN B077VT3QM2, Amazon Services) by Shane Leach has been released for worldwide distribution. The book meticulously researched addresses some of mankind’s greatest unexplained mysteries such as the origin of the pyramids and the Sphinx; Stonehenge; the lost continent of Atlantis, and many more. Prehistory Explained uses hundreds of pieces of irrefutable scientific evidence and hundreds of ancient writings to explain all the ancient mysteries. The book also explains what prehistory is, as many are unfamiliar with the term. Human history started in 3,760 BC with the start of the Nippurian calendar. Prehistory is that enigmatic era before the start of the Nippurian calendar in 3,760 BC. Prehistory is that mysterious epoch that preceded the ancient Sumerian civilization which was the first civilization in recorded human history. Prehistory started before the ancient Sumerian civilization.

    “Researching and writing Prehistory Explained was a labor of love,” said Shane Leach, author of Prehistory Explained. “What struck me in researching for the book, was how much evidence of prehistory exists and is readily available. There's lots of prehistoric evidence. For example, the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, ancient ziggurats in Iraq, ancient sandstone temples in India, all are part of prehistory and have been shown to be by scientific research. I hope the reader becomes more aware of some of the great mysteries and the explanations for them.”

    Among the theories Prehistory Explained covers are: Antarctica is the lost continent of Atlantis, the dinosaurs existed thousands of years ago not millions, ancient aliens left miles-high towers on the Moon, the Sapphire stone was a computer, Mars was inhabited in the ancient past, the Martian moon Phobos is an alien spacecraft, the Moon is an alien spaceship constructed by ancient aliens, ancient aliens directed panspermia by planting bacteria on the Earth, ancient aliens orchestrated the Cambrian Explosion, ancient aliens genetically-engineered us, and how the Anunnaki landed their X-Aerogel rocketships all over the Earth that have since depolymerized into stone pyramids.

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