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  • The Preemptive Love Coalition exists to provide lifesaving heart surgeries for Iraqi and Kurdish children and hands on training for local doctors and nurses in pursuit of peace between communities at odds.
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  • A REMEDY FOR IRAQ'S SOUTH: Iraqis Host Pediatric Cardiac Surgery and Training 'Remedy' Mission in Iraq's Arab South
  • Iraq's unusually high incidence of children born with heart defects has resulted in backlog of children waiting in line for a lifesaving heart surgery. The Preemptive Love Coalition, a U.S.-based NGO in Iraq, facilitates lifesaving surgical and training missions throughout Iraq to serve her children suffering from congenital heart defects and to train local Iraqi doctors.
  • The Preemptive Love Coalition (PLC), a U.S.-based NGO in Iraq, is announcing their 6th lifesaving surgical and training mission to serve children in I ...
  • June 29, 2011