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  • Precision Microdrives supplies miniature DC motors, miniature geared motors, and vibration motors worldwide. The company has more than 100,000 DC miniature motors in the UK, available for immediate dispatch, and can conveniently take payment via credit card in addition to bank transfer and trade accounts. The full range of parts and specifications can be found at the company's website
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  • Precision Microdrives Releases World's Smallest 4mm Vibration Motor for Tablet PC Haptic Feedback
  • Precision Microdrives is proud to launch its smallest vibration motor yet - the 304-103. This motor is also the worlds smallest 4mm SMT vibration motor with dimensions of just 4mm diameter by 3.5mm tall. The ultra low profile of this motor is ideal for haptic feedback functions in tablet PCs and tablet phones.
  • Precision Microdrives has recently made the world's smallest 4mm vibration motor, based on a SMT reflow design available for general sale. The motor h ...
  • July 02, 2011
  • Precision Microdrives launches 25mm Enclosed vibrating motor for mixing powders and liquids
  • Precision Microdrives introduces the 325-100 25mm enclosed vibration motor. This motor is the first in a line of enclosed vibration motors that are easier to integrate into applications because there are no external moving parts.
  • Precision Microdrives has launched a small 25mm enclosed vibrating motor, designed primarily for mechanical-aid functions, such as sorting, sifting an ...
  • June 16, 2011