Badge Launches New Website to Raise Awareness About Porn Addiction

Top Quote The creators of have just launched a new site to raise awareness of the growing problem of porn addiction and help those who struggle with this problem. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) October 02, 2012 - recently announced the launch of a new website that is poised to become the leading porn addiction resource on the Internet. The ambitious new site, which launched in the past week, is designed to help people who are grappling with porn addiction. The site will also include information about quitting pornography and tips for preventing porn addiction in the first place. Above everything else, the developers of say their top goal is to raise awareness about porn addiction. "It's really misunderstood," says the main developer of the site. "People who suffer from porn addiction often feel alone, but they definitely aren't."

    The developers of the new site believe that there's never been a more urgent need for this type of website. "The Internet has become an integral part of most people's lives," says one developer. "In many ways, it's a very positive thing. The one exception concerns pornography. Thanks to the Internet, it's easier than ever to view porn. Not surprisingly, this means that more people are becoming addicted to porn than ever. With, we hope to raise awareness and help fight back against this growing problem."

    Porn addiction is becoming a bigger problem all the time. The statistics are sobering. Approximately 12 percent of all sites are pornographic, and at least 40 million people visit such sites on a regular basis. Approximately 35 percent of all downloads involve pornographic content, and around 25 percent of all searches are for pornography. That's not to say that is about eradicating pornography. "Let's be realistic: Online pornography isn't going away anytime soon," says the developer. "The goal of the site is to teach people how to overcome pornography addictions, and a huge part of doing that is being able to resist the temptation to look at pornography online."

    The site is designed to help people who have porn addictions, and it sets out to do so in a number of different ways. New articles are posted regularly on the site, and they tackle a variety of themes that relate to porn addiction. "A considerable percentage of the articles that are featured on the site are designed to help people who are actively struggling with porn addiction," says one of the staff writers. "Some of them explain how to tell if you have a porn addiction, and many of them talk about overcoming the shame of the addiction."

    After determining that he has an addiction to pornography, a visitor to can then learn about ways to overcome the addiction. As soon as it launched, the site included a post that features three steps for quitting pornography. "At any given moment, there are many people online searching for information about that very topic," says one of the developers. "Incredibly, there isn't a whole lot out there about overcoming an addiction to pornography, so we made a point of prominently including such information on the site right away." The developers hope that this content will prove useful to people who have addictions to pornography. is also designed to simply raise awareness about porn addiction. "There's a lot of misinformation about porn addiction out there," says one of the developers. "In fact, a lot of people treat it as some kind of joke, which it certainly isn't." For people who struggle with porn addiction, there are often serious repercussions. "Some people stop interacting with their loved ones. In fact, some people end up with failed marriages and other serious problems," adds the developer. "It's like any other addiction: It can destroy your life."

    Although the site is still in its infancy, the developers have big plans for it. "We just launched the site, so it is still somewhat under construction," says one developer. "Right now, there are already dozens of useful articles about porn addiction. We plan to add new content regularly to ensure that people have current information at all times." The developers also plan to expand the site and add more features to it in the future. "There aren't any firm plans just yet," adds the developer. "Once we've gotten it up to speed in terms of content, we plan to branch out and add more features too."

    The new site is currently live. So far, the response has been very favorable. "People are actively looking for information about porn addiction," says one of the developers. "We're filling a need with this site, and we take that job seriously." As new content is added to the site, the developers hope to see traffic increase dramatically. "We sincerely hope that people who are struggling with this addiction are able to get the help they need," says the developer. "People who have loved ones who are addicted to pornography are sure to find plenty of useful information as well."

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