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  • Steven Golding
  • URL: http://www.polyinteractivegames.co.uk
  • Games have become so engrained in our lives, we have access to unlimited tales of empowerment, love, heroism and fantasy. We can travel back to ancient times to become a warrior or travel forward and experience a completely different type of hero. Polyinteractive Games is dedicated to creating unique multi-genre experiences across numerous platforms. Our team consists of highly motivated and determined individuals with a plethora of experience earned, from working in both video games and software development for several years. We are all committed to ensuring that the players experience comes first; we will transport our players to distant worlds and share in the glory with their friends.
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  • Rise of Factions: Sparta is now LIVE on Kickstarter
  • A simplified real time strategy game where you take control of the Spartan army to conquer the ancient Greek peninsula.
  • Rise of Factions: Sparta is now LIVE on Kickstarter. The first foray for new independent games developer Polyinteractive games will see them crafting ...
  • February 04, 2017