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  • Apple Crider
  • URL: https://www.podblade.com
  • Podblade provides low-cost podcast editing starting at $20 per episode. After reaching the top 100 in their respective charts, Rom Raiv and Apple Crider had a deeper understanding of the podcasting world. While they both enjoyed podcasting, they noticed that there was an underlying issue in the podcasting community: the editing. Most podcasters were either overpaying for editing or were spending hours on end editing their shows themselves. As fellow podcasters, we created a solution meant for podcasters. We thought %u201Cwhat if there was a way to provide affordable editing that included everything podcasters needed and none of what they didn%u2019t?%u201D.
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  • Podblade Launches $20 All-In-One Podcast Editing Solution
  • Podblade is changing the way podcasters create, promote, and grow their platforms, in this rapidly growing space. Podblade’s platform now empowers established and upstart podcasters to easily upload their raw content, communicate with their personal podcast manager, and download their completed files directly from the site all for just $20 per episode.
  • Podblade – the acclaimed Wisconsin-based podcast editing company – today announced the launch of their $20 podcast editing package, a low-cost editing ...
  • November 26, 2019