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  • A: 1181 S Rogers Circle Suite #30 Boca Raton, FL USA 1 (855) 91 DEFCON1
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  • Striving to provide the highest quality of supplements, Platinum Labs takes great pride in offering the best possible solutions to consumers and never compromising on quality.Each supplement made by the company is manufactured in state of the art facilities while keeping consumer satisfaction in mind. The company caters solely to individuals who seek to possess the highest quality of supplements with the top quality and medical grade ingredients. More information about Platinum Labs and its range of supplements can be found on Third party contractors or stockist can also contact the company on
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  • Platinum Labs Expands Globally by Launching Its Much Awaited Website& Setting up Distribution Centers
  • A renowned name in the Australian supplement industry, Platinum Labs is pleased to announce the implementation of its plan to become a global force by launching its website as well as opening its distribution centers worldwide. The move is part of the company's bid to reach to consumers worldwide and provide top quality supplements that are easily accessible.
  • Perhaps more so than in any other market; the supplement industry is one that continues to see fierce competition. As new companies enter the market o ...
  • September 16, 2015