PixelCrayons' Business Continuity Plan During COVID 19 Pandemic

Top Quote As we know and PixelCrayons founder said that invention is the mother of necessity clearly sets an excellent example of intelligence and hope as well for IT companies. By going agile and leveraging the digital means, we can escape from the business crisis in this COVID 19 pandemic. No matter if you are a small, medium, or large scale IT company, you can ensure your business amid COVID 19 with the End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 22, 2020 - The pandemic COVID 19 has engulfed the countries worldwide. We are in such a situation that our Geeks hadnít even anticipated in their dreams, from China, the USA, Italy, Russia, India, and now almost the whole world. There are precisely 213 countries worldwide, with the total number of 13,721,503 confirmed cases.

    Government and companies have taken every possible step to prevent its countrymen and employees, but nothing comes right, and the cases are increasing at a tremendous speed. We canít compromise with any of these, but there is no option as the lockdown hasnít even stopped the increasing number of cases.

    The top Indian IT giants have faced a massive downfall in 2020 due to this COVID 19. They are grappling with the upheaval wrought of this pandemic. There are two things which are in danger first is our precious life and second our livelihood. Its spread has left the companies to cut down their expenses and looking for a recovery plan.

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    PixelCrayons\' Business Continuity Plan During COV...

    According to the stats, the GDP of top countries like the USA and China has dropped drastically to 2.4%. Companies are struggling to come out with the best solutions to survive in this market recession.

    Well, luckily, there are medium-scaled IT companies like PixelCrayons that have come up with some great strategies and recovery plans. See how they have balanced their budget and revenues with no cut down in the essential resources.

    How PixelCrayons have devised its strategies and fostering its growth?

    According to PixelCrayons, ups and downs are always an integral part of the business. Itís entirely up to the organization how much they are prepared for their tough times. They believe and devise some great strategies to remain untouched with this pandemic and remote working model.

    Against this backdrop, leaders are facing the urgency plus complexity of reopening their businesses.
    And to outmaneuver uncertainty, reopening also needs a reinvention program.

    PixelCrayons have come up with a myriad of options like working on the agility mode where they are going completely digital, investing in the cloud and data-driven, operating with agile methodologies, and building stronger capabilities in e-commerce and security.

    Companyís Founder, Parvesh Aggarwal, said, ďSo, what if we are working virtually? Whatís new in it if you are an IT company? Yes, because remote working is already in the roots of IT companies dealing globally and at a local level. Digitization is an integral part of the IT sector. Now, 95% of people have easy internet connectivity that makes us competent to cater to our client needs and see new business opportunities. I understand itís a tough situation, but as we know well, that invention is the mother of necessity, and thatís what we are followingĒ.

    COVID 19 outbreak has brought a problematic situation for the companies to reevaluate how they can take advantage of contact centers and how the employees can provide better customer experiences. At the same time, this global pandemic has somehow changed our customer experiences forever, and we should have to adopt this; otherwise, we can be thrown out of the competition.

    Better if other IT companies also create some better strategies like PixelCrayons or even follow the same practices as they are doing and bring their business on track. There is nothing new in their plan, but the way they have set an example for others is proof of their intelligence and excellent decision-making capabilities.

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