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  • Robert Russo
  • 8308 Summer Grove Rd UNITED STATES
  • Phone: 877-636-4442
  • URL: http://www.pitchplay.com
  • The primary function of PitchPlay is to help advertisers discover the exact customer acquisition costs or how much it costs the advertiser to get 1 sale vs how much they spend on marketing and advertising each month.
    The system offers a dynamic a/b testing platform that helps find the bottom line. Without knowing how much it costs to acquire each business client you could be just throwing money out the window. Sign up today or call for a live demo.
Pitchplay Press Release -


  • PitchPlay launches new pay per click technology!
  • "With rising or frequently changing search engine advertising costs, it has become essential to monitor your pay per click campaigns and cost per clicks purchased. Without this valuable information you could just be throwing your marketing dollars out the window! Says Robert Russo / CEO of PitchPlay."
  • Tampa, FL - http://www.pitchplay.com announces the launch of its ENTERPRISE class website landing page software for online marketing and advertising c ...
  • March 13, 2015