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  • Tom Dolan
  • 3-5-7-1003 MINATO CHUO-KU, TOKYO 104-0043 JAPAN
  • Phone: 81 080 4625 4688
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  • Performance of Speaking was developed by multi-media professional Tom j Dolan as an educational vehicle to teach the fundamental skills of competent & confident Speaking. The success of it%u2019s Workshops, the evolution of English as the Global lingua franca, and the Speaking demands of Globalization, encouraged Performance of Speaking to relocate from Los Angeles to Tokyo in 2011. A business hub and Gateway to Asia, Tokyo offers the growth and geographical reach for the international expansion envisioned by the Performance of Speaking. For information please visit Performance of Speaking at:
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  • Performance of Speaking Declares the "Fear of Speaking" is Dead
  • Performance of Speaking released their first Online e-Course for Global Speakers, aimed at replacing the "Fear of Speaking" with the Skills of Speaking.
  • Tokyo, Japan - Performance of Speaking has delivered the conversational, stress-free environment of their onsite Speaking Workshops in their first Onl ...
  • November 06, 2013