PatientMD’s Campaign Management Feature enhances your patients’ experience & engagement levels to greater heights

Top Quote PatientMD’s Campaign Management Feature enhances your patients’ experience & engagement levels to greater heights. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) March 27, 2021 - PatientMD, a leading, patient-centric, telemedicine-driven, Digital Health, and Digital Marketing platform aims to expand the reach of your practice through attracting new patients, increasing patient engagement, and making your front office more efficient. This is our PatientMD way and our proven way of success.

    PatientMD helps you create a strong email marketing strategy to reach and connect with your target audience in a personalized way and increase sales at an affordable cost, through its exclusive Campaign Management facility.

    The majority of medical practices get their patients from:
    Ads on social media
    GOOGLE search ads
    Call to action button on website + landing page
    Referral from existing Patients driven by PatientMD platform
    Contact us from the website
    Facebook messenger
    Emails to the practice
    Blog & Videoblog
    Direct appointment Scheduling
    PatientMD Community
    Educational Videos
    Integration with

    With the campaign management feature, you as a physician will get access to the following facilities:.

    Segmentation allows practices to make better use of their marketing efforts and, most importantly, demonstrate better knowledge of their Patients' needs and wants. Breaking up and giving relevant information to your patients is the winning mantra of any campaign. The segmentation can be as followed:
    Doctor Wise

    Creating Campaign Templates - Email marketing is important for building relationships with prospects, leads, current patients, and even past patients. Our campaign Management module helps you create customized templates to send either individually or in bulk to your segmented patient list.

    Creating Individual Mail Template - You can choose to send Individual mails which are geared towards your patients’ needs:

    Choose Campaign Name
    Choose a template
    Create your own template
    Customize Template
    Add a footer
    Save the Template
    Choose Individual from contact list
    Add Email Subject
    Schedule or send mail in real-time

    Bulk Email Creation - You can also send Bulk emails that are geared towards your patient’s needs.

    My Campaign List - Using the My Campaign List, you can check:
    Past campaigns
    Scheduled Campaigns
    Draft Campaigns - to be used at a later date

    Once a campaign is chosen, it can be;
    Duplicated using the Copy option

    Send Test Mail - The send Test mail option helps you see what the mail will look like in your patients’ mailbox. You can edit the template for the best look that would appeal and get your message to your patients.

    Adding Content - Send Customised Content that appeals to your Patients according to their demographics and treatments. Sending out general reminders, special offers given by the practice, and also letting them know when their favourite doctor is going on vacation is a great way to engage patients and keep them in the loop!

    Create Templates - We have a wide range of templates within the platform. You can customize and change all aspects like fonts, font size, alignment, adding pictures, headers, footers and so much more.

    We also allow the use of customized external HTML templates to be imported to give a different look to your campaign background!

    Your Subscribers - Most patients receiving relevant information in their inbox are likely to share that with friends and family. Many will subscribe to your mailing list, newsletter, and blog.

    This will allow you to see how many new subscribers have joined you, who have unsubscribed, and total subscribers.

    Campaign Report - Campaign reports help you know how relevant your content is and how many emails have been sent.

    This will let you see:

    The mail list that you are sending to
    Resend the mail if sending fails
    Replicate campaign for another mailing list.
    Archive the campaign

    Audit Trail - The Audit trail helps to show the status of the campaigns and records all related activities.

    When successful, you can view the email list and resend it to another list.
    When sending fails, you can view the list, resend it, look for reasons why sending failed and make change accordingly.

    Interactive Questionnaire sent as Smart Surveys - Sending Smart Surveys is a great way of getting information and also knowing what is relevant to your patients.

    You can send the following types:

    Patient Satisfaction after an appointment
    How they would like different treatments to be added to the practice - would they be receptive?
    Their opinion on different types of treatments to common ailments

    Sending short and relevant smart surveys makes it easy.

    Educational Videos - Improve the patient experience with your shared educational videos by educating and showing them engaging content.

    Expand your expertise to attract new patients with educational videos. Will be shown on PatientMD platform, your website, and links easily distributed via text or email.

    Bidirectional Chat - By utilizing the PatientMD™ bidirectional chat, you will increase patient engagement with secure HIPAA compliant messaging via text.

    Send mass texts to your new and existing patients
    Send appointment reminders
    Send Survey links
    Send blog links
    Chat with patients
    Send information through push messaging

    “With the Campaign Management feature, our digital marketing team aims to expand your practice through reaching out to patients on a wider level and increase the patient engagement levels to eliminate any communication gaps. This makes your practice a lot more accessible to not only your existing patients but also to the new ones, influencing them to reach out to your practice for medical consultations,” said Christ Pavlatos, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of PatientMD.

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