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"Helping you tell your building a better tomorrow story."
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Jennifer Parker
P.O. Box 926,
Buffalo, New York, United State 14207
Phone: 716-316-2097
FAX: 716-316-2097
What Makes us Different?
Jennifer Parker established Parker PR, Inc. in 2007 with more than a decade of combined experience in consumer, business-to-business, entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit and technology public relations. Her unique capabilities in translating the technical nature of products, systems and services into meaningful, utilitarian messages have been recognized and acclaimed by both her clients and international press contacts across numerous industries. With a passion and interest in aiding the thoughtful construction of tomorrow’s infrastructure, and the responsible use of our earth’s limited resources, Jennifer has merged these personal aims with her expertise to establish a relationship-oriented public relations practice exclusively focused in the green building and advanced energy sectors. Jennifer is dedicated to the growth of a business outside the traditional “client-vendor” agency model – one that is genuinely relationship-focused and structured around the mutual benefit of her company and those with which she works.
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No. of full-time employees: 5
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PR firm focused in the green building and alternative energy industries.
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With a public relations background forged in the international infrastructure and energy industries, Parker PR offers targeted strategies that can effectively communicate your green building and advanced energy messages to your ideal audiences.

We have worked with companies in our backyard and across the globe to convey the fundamental messaging behind their proven, industry-leading product, technology and service capabilities – while successfully emphasizing their delivery on the tenets of environmental responsibility.

Both our skill and our passion lie in a similar realm – telling the stories of those dedicated to building a better tomorrow.
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