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Top Quote Outlast: The Zombie Card Game is an inexpensive, simple mechanics, intensely strategic, highly competitive zombie game played with a standard deck of cards. Visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/681958219/outlast-the-zombie-card-game. Show your support for the Kickstarter Community and share and back this project. End Quote
  • Portland-Vancouver, OR-WA (1888PressRelease) May 13, 2015 - My parents love to tell their friends a story about me when I was a little boy. The story goes that in the early hours of the morning, while the house was still sleeping, I came into my parents bedroom and jumped on their bed. In confusion they woke, expecting to hear something startling, but instead I only only uttered one word: "Game?" They looked down to see that I was holding Candy Land and I was not going to go back to bed until someone played it and made it to the Candy Castle.

    Over the last year in half I have developed, worked, played, given-up, tweaked, and started again on the creation of my very first game, Outlast: The Zombie Card Game.

    The story of Outlast:
    "Zombies...undead...walkers, plague Earth. Life is survival of the fittest as small groups of humans band together to stay alive. You are in charge of one of these groups, represented by the cards in your hand. Each day (represented by your turn), you give a task to one member of your group. These tasks could be anything from gathering food, gas, or weapons, to creating defenses and setting traps. You can even devise attacks on your opponents by sending Zombies at them or achieve card combinations to better your situation. Often you suffer tragedy when Zombies consume people in your party, forcing you to permanently lose cards from your hand. However, you can plan ahead and prepare for Zombies by taking shelter using a Defense card from your Inventory. But the starving Zombies don't give up easily, because they won't go away until they are all put to rest. After controlling three different groups of survivors (3 rounds), you compare your success against your opponents' and see who has the most humans remaining. Do you have what it takes to Outlast: The Zombie Card Game?"

    The game of Outlast:
    "Players must survive through the deck(s) by trying to get as many cards in their hands as possible.This is accomplished by using Resources, killing Zombies, creating Defense/Traps, and battling other players. When the last card of the Draw Pile is taken, each player takes a final turn. Then players count the remaining cards in their hand and the total in their Zombie Kills Pile and keep track of those separate scores. After three rounds of Outlast, whoever has the largest total cards in hand wins. To break a tie, whoever has the most Zombie Kills in their Pile wins."

    If this sounds interesting to you. Visit Outlast: The Zombie Card Game on Kickstarter today.

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