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    QuoteIs OnlyMeWorld the only safe alternative to Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Linkedin?Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) November 07, 2011 - Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Linkedin dominate the web as the main sources for digital communication and information for billions of people at work, at school, at home, and now on the go(mobile). These sources of information and communication are creating a new digital world, that offers everyone an opportunity for a better life, freedoms, and democracy.

    Some users of the web and social networking service's today can be compared with the early immigrants of the 1900s that came to America in hopes of finding the American Dream, often times only to be misled by: opportunist, gangs, and tyrants hoping to capitalize on the ignorance of those poor people. "I'm very concerned people just don't understand the serious issues surrounding the industry today, it's like the cattle being led out to slaughter" says Carlson Yamamoto, the Founder and C.O.B. of

    When asked the questions below, Carlson responded:

    Facebook and many so called alternative sites today claim their privacy settings protect their users information, why do you disagree?

    Privacy settings only protect your information from what you want other users to see on that site, but doesn't stop your information from being data mined and sold to companies. Privacy settings don't prevent hackers from stealing your information.

    Facebook controls your information, some so called alternative sites today are claiming that their users control their own information, what is the difference?

    On the surface it would seem that having control over your information is ideal, but today with the advancements in data mining technology, all a site needs to know is your IP address. Regardless of whether you own your information, or a site controls your information, any site or computer can be hacked.

    How does tracking(cookie), facial recognition, and data mining affect people using the web and social networking service's now and in the future?

    Tracking, may be used to track internet users' web browsing habits. This can also be done in part by using the IP address of the computer requesting the page. Facial recognition, is a computer application for automatically identifying or verifying a person from a digital image. Data mining, is a process of analyzing data from different sources and summarizing it into useful information. If used in a positive way, it could help law enforcement agencies throughout the world combat crime, and perhaps even help to promote socioeconomic equality. If used in a negative way, there will only be the haves and have nots, the rich and the poor, all automatically profiled according to individual demographics.

    "Today there isn't a site around that can't be hacked. Because of this we believe if we don't have a persons real name, email address, and other information cyber criminals need to further their criminal activities, our users are able to social network again with peace of mind, confidently and effectively," concludes Carlson Yamamoto.

    About OnlyMeWorld is a Limited Liability Corporation situated in the State of Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. It was formed on February 2011. OnlyMeWorld is a social networking service that provides its users a platform similar in function to Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Linkedin yet differs in it's approach to users: privacy, anonymity, information, and cyber crime by not asking for the following:

    No Real Names Required (Pseudonyms Allowed)
    No Email Address Required
    No Tracking
    No Data Mining
    No Facial Recognition
    No Spam/Cyber Bullying Allowed (Notification Button On Each Profile)


    Is OnlyMeWorld the only safe alternative to Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Linkedin?

    Carlson Yamamoto
    OnlyMeWorld - C.O.B.
    Ph: +1(646)926-1095
    Email: onlymeworldllc ( @ ) yahoo dot com

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