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One Face One Race Information
  • Adie Lynch
  • bodane tuam, Galway Ireland
  • Phone: 353863083679
  • URL:
  • One Face One Race is a one of a kind Clothing brand appriciating the differences of individuals from all over the world, as every product will feature a randomly selected face of some person from around the world.

    We aim to promote solidarity through fashion and are doing this in the most unique and personal way possible. Each product will be a one of a kind!
One Face One Race Press Release -

  • A Face From Every Country in the World Soon to be Seen from the Edge of Space
  • is planning to launch a Meteorologial Balloon to the edge of space where they will record a slideshow of the human race. One persons face from every country in the World will be displayed with the backdrop of the earth from over 100,000 feet!
  • One Face One Race is planning a very ambitious 'One Face in Space' project. The T-shirt brand that encourages diversity and unity will launch a helium ...
  • June 04, 2012
  • People Race to get a Mystery Face at
  • People are flocking to wear a T-Shirt with a mystery face at One-of-a-kind T-shirts are printed with someone's face - but you won't know whose face until it arrives at your door!
  • Your face is now in fashion as an Irish company seeks to bring the world together, one face at a time. Customers in 70 countries have already uploaded ...
  • July 28, 2011