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  • Mike Sherman
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  • "On the Mike with Mike Sherman" is produced by Mike Sherman Productions Inc. The show debuted on Saturday night on My 33, the CBS affiliate, in Miami in 2003 and is now syndicated all over the world. The show brings the South Florida market closer to exclusive interviews, VIP and red carpet events, concerts, and A-list celebs. Creator/producer: Mike Sherman. Executive producer: Matt Bodi Brenowitz.
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  • On The Mike with Mike Sherman is Going International in the Fall of 2010
  • In addition to the CBS affiliate MY33, now Direct TV, My Channel UK and CaribVision, the Caribbean Channel all take Mike Sherman's prime-time TV show from mid-September 2010.
  • Miami Beach, FL -- The prime-time music and lifestyle celebrity-driven TV show, "On the Mike with Mike Sherman" takes things to whole new level this f ...
  • September 12, 2010