OGO Ltd. Releases Its New Minimalist Aluminum Money Clip for Men and Garners Positive Reviews

Top Quote OGO Ltd. just launched its newest product-- its new OGO Menís Minimalist Aluminum Money Clip, a Slim RFID Blocking Wallet! End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) June 01, 2018 - Heads up, people of the 21st century! Technology has been progressing faster than ever, so itís no surprise that we expect more when it comes to our wallets! OGO Ltd. just launched its newest product-- its new OGO Menís Minimalist Aluminum Money Clip, a Slim RFID Blocking Wallet! It has a simple yet sleek design, specially made to give off the look of being minimal, yet stylish. Protected by RFID Blocking, the said wallet also offers security from thieves trying to steal your credit card information. So you wouldnít have to worry about electronic thieves when you buy this wallet. Whatís more? The package also includes a FREE screwdriver, keychain, and eBook! Because OGO Ltd. is grateful, and gives the best services to its buyers.

    Are you tired of having to force your credits card to fit in your conventional wallet? Worry no more! Because the new OGO Menís Minimalist Aluminum Money Clip boasts its capacity to accommodate and store up to twelve (12) credit cards all at once! The moment youíve tried this product, you surely will enjoy the expansive storage provided for all your credit cards. Forget all the hard times youíll be putting up with using your conventional wallet, and see the difference our Aluminum Money Clip can make. With all the high praise and compliments this product received, you can rest assured that your money will NOT go to waste with OGO Ltd.
    In this electronic age, identity theft and other crimes are very common nowadays. Electronic crimes are done here and there. Itís no surprise that a lot of people may find it hard to trust new products again. Which is why OGO Ltd. has equipped its slim wallet with RFID Blocking! It protects its buyers from electronic thieves to ensure the confidentiality of their personal information and to increase financial security. You can trust OGO Ltd. with protecting you, because it is our utmost concern that you feel safe and secure with the kind of service we provide.

    We all know men. They seem to go crazy with products which aren't too complicated, flashy, or tacky. Simple yet practical is always the way to go. Which is why youíll be happy with this wallet! Forget all the excessive pockets, and trade them for this revolutionary delight! It is perfect for both your front and back pockets, because you never have to worry about it being too bulky, or big.

    "This is what a wallet should look like. From front to back, there is nothing complicated. [It is] simple and easy, yet also clean and classy." - Inbal Ben Avraham

    "Knowing that how easy it is to steal and misuse the cards nowadays, I was looking for something highly secure yet visually attractive to protect my cards, license and other important stuff. I am very happy with my choice as it made my life easier." - Eli Levitin, consumer

    "I was looking for a simple card holder for my credit cards since my previous wallet can no longer hold my bills and cards all at once. It's so bulky and quite irritating to see it bulges on my front pockets. Good thing I came across this slim wallet and without a doubt, I fell in love when the package came to my doorstep. It's so convenient at all times. Plus, the RFID blocking features are so great! This beats all the slim wallets I ever had!" - Amazon buyer

    Stated above are only a few of the numerous positive reviews OGO Ltd. has received all thanks to their OGO Menís Minimalist Aluminum Money Clip! Majority of the product reviews of the wallet ranges from 4-5 stars on Amazon.com. What are you waiting for? Buy now, and be part of the community whose life has been changed by this revolutionary wallet!
    You probably think this wallet canít get any better, but we still have news for you. This simple yet modern wallet offers almost zero percent (0%) chance of contributing to one's back pain! According to Green (2015), carrying around a big, bulky wallet in your back pocket forces you to sit at a more lopsided position-- thus, causing you to feel achier. No wonder a lot of men have back pain! But with its thin, minimalist design, the Aluminum Money Clip ensures its buyers that it will not be detrimental to their health in any way. OGO Ltd. cares about its customersí health, so we specifically designed it to be ďback-friendlyĒ for you.
    McGill, a professor of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo, suggests the best kind of wallet to use is something that fits only the essentials to avoid back pain. You can also use a money clip or a cardholder to avoid bulky wallets, he said. Thanks to OGO's product, you can purchase both a money clip AND a cardholder at the same time. You got that right! OGO listens, because OGO cares.
    The OGO Menís Minimalist Aluminum Money Clip has a package dimension of 4.1 x 4 x 0.9 inches and has an item weight of 4.2 ounces. You can currently order it from Amazon.com for only $39.97! Not bad considering all its cool qualities, we know! This wallet for men comes with a free screwdriver, keychain, and eBook, all suited for men's style.

    Still looking for ideas for Fatherís Day? Or maybe a nice, memorable gift for your good friend? Surprise! OGO Menís Minimalist Aluminum Money Clip is perfect for gifts-- whether it be to your father, brother, friend, a distant relative, or just your colleague at work. You wonít be able to overestimate the quality it brings to its owner, regardless of his sense of style! The OGO Ltd. wallet is sure to not disappoint.

    So there you have it, folks! The new OGO Menís Minimalist Aluminum Money Clip-- Slim RFID Blocking Wallet has introduced a revolutionary way to store oneís belongings. Whether it be credit cards or cash, the wallet offers a secure yet stylish way to up your accessories.

    Need any help with marketing your product? Or maybe just need someone to design your package for you? OGO Ltd. is here to help! Currently being managed by Mr. Avraham Merchavia, OGO Ltd. can help you succeed in the business world! Our services include marketing research, online product marketing, editing lists, and so much more! OGO Ltd. has been in business for a decade, so we can assure you satisfaction in our works. Satisfaction is what we guarantee!

    Order the new Minimalist Aluminum Money Clip with RFID Blocking HERE now!


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