Odeta Stuikys Rose talked about her journey after her fatherís death in an interview

Top Quote Odeta Stuikys Rose is a doctor at one of the best hospital in the United States, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. She was born on December 5, 1985, in Rochester, New York. End Quote
  • New York, NY (1888PressRelease) December 14, 2018 - Odeta was very happy as her family was accommodative and loved each other. Everything changed once her father Paul Stuikys Rose was diagnosed with brain cancer. Her father was a mechanic and was the sole provider. She was not planning to become a doctor.

    It was never her intention until the death of her father which changed everything. Their family did everything to make sure that he got better but all their efforts bore no fruits. In the next eight months of the diagnosis, he died. These were the low moments for Odeta Stuikys Rose family. Her mother who was named Doris fell into a lot of depression. She could no longer face the facts that her husband was no longer with them. Due to all this sadness in the family, the happy nuclear family was no longer the same, everything all changed for the worse.

    This led to Odeta Stuikys making a decision of becoming a Doctor. She swore to herself that she will never in her life again allow such ordeal like this to happen to anyone. Therefore, she worked very hard and she earned a B.S Degree in Medical Science at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and after that became a Doctor of Medicine, this was part of her fulfilling her heartís desire in helping those who may have been undergoing the same situation like hers. Later on, she decided to specialize in Cancer and she did very well. She managed to secure a job in the Mayo Clinic, which is a top-notch facility ranked as the third best hospital for cancer treatment in the States.

    Challenges faced by Odeta Stuikys Rose in the field of medicine

    Many people are familiar with the obvious actions of prejudice against women in the field of medicine. Yet, the subtler, less noticeable forms of prejudice are often the, most dangerous and unexamined. For instance, most female doctors are addressed as Mrs. or sweetie rather than a Doctor. Though this language may seem harmless, it can be very hurtful and reinforce discrimination towards women in the field of medicine that according to many Female doctors. Not only that, it can indicate an unjustified lack of trust from the patients this is just among the many challenges that Odeta Stuikys Rose had to go through and still undergoes in the field of medicine.

    According to the interview statements, when addressing a female physician as ĎMrs.í, even if she is married, is to suggest that despite all her professional establishment, her general worth is reduced to her marital and family status. This ignores all the hard work put into earning the title of ĎDoctor,í and signifies, whether it is genuinely or not, that many female doctors are somehow less deserving of the title than a male doctor.

    Another issue put forward by Dr. Odeta Stuikys Rose that female doctors face in the place of work is the less recognized challenge women in medicine go through is at medical society awards. That is even though many female doctors may be having more opportunities, they are always much less noticeable and praised for their efforts in the medical field. In the outside, this may seem as just as a whining for women doctors, but this shows that there is something bigger many women are not getting as many breaks to rise through the positions or assume leadership positions, this often causes them to fly under the radar.

    Opportunities for women in medicine

    Dr. Odeta Stuikys Rose statement is that even though there are many challenges that female doctors still face. A lot of effort and a considerable amount of progress has been made to change the situation for female. Unlike before women are having there a voice heard in the medical field. Even in surgery which was a male-dominated specialty, women are starting to emerge in this field and providing a strong challenge and equal presence in the biggest way possible. Surgery, as it is depicted, is the branch of medicine which is strongly known for male supremacy and positions in any medical facility around the globe. But the world is changing women have become more empowered and they donít see themselves anymore as the inferior gender, but they are using that concept of being looked down upon as a stepping stone to do even better. It is now imminent that the surgical culture and traditions have started to reflect open-mindedness and equality in the field of medicine. Dr. Odeta Stuikys Rose is one of those females who has changed the lives of many regardless of the notion of women in the medical profession. Her challenges were not only that which is expressed in the school but she had to deal with personal emotions such as losing a loved who could have been so supportive during her studies.

    Role model virtues of Dr. Odeta Stuikys Rose

    It is very rare to come across a strong person such as Dr. Odeta Stuikys Rose, there are so many qualities that many people can learn from her regardless of their gender, be it, men or women. Her kindness and her loving nature is what many people in the field of medicine lack, for her it is more than just a career or having to be called a Doctor. It is her calling to make other people who are suffering from the same situation as she did not lose hope but go out there and accomplish more than what they think they could be. Her decisions right now have impacted the lives of many people positively. Her character and decision to become a fully fledged doctor in the specialty of cancer is a proof that she wants to make the world a better place. If this is not outstanding to you then you should see in the action you will definitely change your mind.

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