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Oceanbased Perpetual Energy Information
  • Jennifer J.H. Pierce
  • Miami, Florida
  • Phone: (305) 714-9490
  • URL: http://www.oceanbased.energy
  • OceanBased Perpetual Energy is a developer of Ocean Current Energy solutions that will ultimately be installed and connected to America%u2019s power grid and other end users. We seek to commercialize ocean current energy and change the course for renewable energy as baseload-capable clean power.
Oceanbased Perpetual Energy Press Release -


  • Clean Energy Trailblazer OceanBased Perpetual Energy Maps Next Steps Off Florida Coast
  • During late July or early August 2020, OceanBased, working with Florida Atlantic University’s Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center researchers and engineers, will deploy Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) systems within the Florida Gulf Stream to record current velocities throughout the entire water column at predetermined strategic locations.
  • In approximately 30 days, highly specialized sonar test equipment will be deployed by OceanBased Perpetual Energy to help determine the optimal locati ...
  • July 22, 2020