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  • Jeff Montgomery
  • 635-G East Bay Street, Charleston, SC
  • Phone: 888-662-8426
  • URL:
  • In a nutshell, we provide software solutions for task automation and operational efficiencies.

    Our goal is to help nonprofits better utilize resources by providing tools to eliminate tiresome and manual processes, while creating automated and efficient workflows.

    In essence, we want to put your organization's current manual processes on auto-pilot, allowing you to keep costs low and focus on your mission. We understand nonprofits and Blackbaud users, and the tasks that eat up users time
O-matic Software Press Release -

  • Non-Profits Save Thousands In Time And Expenses With New Technology To Sort And Segment Donors
  • Non-profits benefit from new software technology that saves them thousands in time and mailing costs by segmenting their list of donors. Over 22,000 nonprofits use Blackbaud's Raiser's Edge and Financial Edge will be able to sort and segment donors in minutes, instead of days by using the new Segment O-Matic software.
  • Nonprofits send hundreds of mail pieces to potential donors. One of the challenges they have is segmenting their list of donors based on activities. N ...
  • September 04, 2010