Now there's a place in Vietnam you can bring your own containers to refill household products: LAI DAY REFILL STATION

Top Quote Laiday Refill Station at 83 Xuan Thuy District 2 HCMC is the first bulk store in Vietnam where you can buy and refill daily non-food products without causing unnecessary waste especially plastic packaging. We also have over 200 various eco-friendly stuff and workshops to build up a less waste, less plastic community in Vietnam. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) November 25, 2018 - We have put together since the Earth Overshoot Day 01 Aug 2018 with the hope that we can do something together as thoughtful consumers to make changes from everyday activity, especially when Vietnam has been in top 5 of those countries dumping plastic trashes directly to oceans.

    In Vietnam, the number of plastic packages sent to the landfill each week is at an alarming rate. On average, in the world, a person uses 150 plastic bags per year and the amount of plastic bags used per person in Vietnam per year is 4 times than in the world average, approximately 600 plastic bags per person annually. According to The Department of Natural Resources and Environment HCMC, 78% of Vietnamese consumers require to be provided with plastic bags when doing their shopping. Per day, Ho Chi Minh City release approximately 70 tons of plastic packaging, and among that, over 50 tons are plastic bags. A street food stall in HCMC selling over 100 takeaway meals per day, using over 5 kilos of plastic bags and food containers, equivalent to 1.8 tons of plastic in just 1 year. This equals to 25,550 tons per year for just Ho Chi Minh City. While 9% of plastics in the world are recycled, 12% have been burned and the remaining 79% ends up in landfills or the environment.
    Single-use plastic items have its lifespans of a few minutes, but taking 20 - 1,000 years to be broken down into pieces.

    Instead of sitting back and waiting for others do the walk, Quyen Nguyen and Helly Tong, Co-founders of Laiday Refill Station, wanted to find ways to reduce less plastic use and minimize wastes from our daily life, and then together gearing into green, minimal, sustainable lifestyles. We believe that “Be a part of solution, not pollution” - if we can not be a part of the solution, solve the problem, then we should not make the problem worse. Thus, among different business ideas, we have chosen to create LaiDay Refill. We know that to go far, we have to go together, to build and develop an ecosystem for the "sustainable lifestyle”, and not only in Vietnam.

    Laiday Refill Station is located quietly at the end of an alleyway of a complex commercial area, with 17.8 m 2 renovated from an old car garage. Customers are encouraged to bring their own empty bottles or jars and, in exchange, products are sold in bulk at cheaper prices than at regular stores while also saving unnecessary packaging. Customers can refill their containers with a wide range of liquid products needed for their home care and personal care like shampoo, conditioner, toner, cleansing oil, shower gel, handwashing liquid, floor cleaning liquid, laundry washing liquid… All of these refilled liquid products are supplied by local producers that have products matching with the green business philosophies at Laiday Refill and produced in Vietnam and close to the market demand to reduce the CO 2 emissions along the supply chains. All of the products at Laiday Refill are displayed with its transparency of product ingredients, origins to help customers to make informed decisions. Among over 200 eco-friendly household products for sustainable living, 75% of products are made in Vietnam and the other 25% are from the US, Germany, India, Thailand, Malaysia, China… and these products tend to be light-weighted, innovative, new that the technology of local producers in Vietnam cannot yet do at this stage.

    Besides introducing eco-friendly products and solutions to conscious consumers, Laiday Refill Station also organize activities for local community to raise awareness of sustainable living like: secondhand weekend markets helping per time 50 individuals exchanging a total of over 6,000 used clothing items with others, fundraising for sea turtle protection activities in Vietnam, planting trees at Binh Chau Xuyen Moc nature reserve area…

    As Gandhi says "Be the change you want to see in the world", we believe that to overcome the always changing extreme conditions of the Earth, we all are the ones who are making big changes through the daily habits of consumption sustainably.

    Visit us at #laidayrefillstation #refillstationvietnam

    83 Xuan Thuy, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, HCMC
    028 6270 2141
    Facebook, Instagram: laidayrefillstation

    DON’T FORGET TO bring your own bottles or jars. Make sure to clean and dry them, and remove old labels if any. In case you forget your containers, please ask us if there is any old bottles donated from the local community to borrow.

    “Lại đây, lại đầy” is our slogan, its English translation from Vietnamese means literally “Come here, Get filled again”

    For further info about Laiday Refill Station, please feel free to contact us at:
    Quyen Nguyen
    Co-founder, Laiday Refill Station
    daquyen ( @ ) laidayrefill dot com

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