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  • NovusAGENDA is electronic paperless meeting software that streamlines your agenda and minutes process. Check out our free Pilot.

    NovusAGENDA minimizes the time spent compiling and distributing agendas, saves countless amounts of paper and ensures agendas, minutes and meeting actions are automatically posted to your Web site. Your agenda software users will enjoy these many benefits and you see an immediate return on your investment.

    NovusAGENDA Board meeting software will offer your board a rich tablet experience that does not require "apps" to use.
Novusolution Press Release -

  • The City of Clifton Advances to Modern Meeting Technology for Efficient Meeting Management
  • The City of Clifton, NJ is streamlining its government business process with NovusAGENDA's efficient and cost saving agenda and meeting automation. According to the City, they are very pleased with its benefits.
  • The City of Clifton, NJ was interested in automating their agenda and meeting management to ease the City's meeting preparation and management, saving ...
  • June 22, 2015