North By Northwest Announces New "Goal Setting Bootcamp"

Top Quote Learn how to set goals like a pro and make them part of everyday life. Setting goals is a fundamental key to success in every arena. End Quote
  • Seattle-Bellevue-Everett, WA (1888PressRelease) October 14, 2019 - Setting goals is a fundamental key to success in every arena. Goals are what give clients direction & purpose. The problem is that most people have no idea what kind of goals they should set or what tools they should use to set goals?

    “Goal setting” isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. It’s not just about writing out a few
    bullet points in a your planner or slapping a few fresh pink Post-Its on your cork board.

    Clients needs to make sure the goals they set are actually worthwhile, and not just a waste of their time and energy and that they actually make progress on them.

    Goals don’t only apply to businesses, either. Professionals also have lives away from their laptops–and sometimes it can feel like the very goals they want to achieve in their businesses are at odds with the way they desire to live their lives.

    Figure Out How to Set Goals the Right Way–and Clients Can Make Meaningful Progress Toward Their Biggest Dreams

    The "Goal Setting Bootcamp" – a 4-lesson course, where clients will learn how to set and successfully hit big goals that make their business, life, and the world better.

    - Set an unshakable foundation for their goals so they are practically guaranteed to achieve them–including choosing the right goals and the right tools.

    - Identify which goals are worth going after.

    - Ditch the self-destructive behavior that’s stopping clients from living their best life–and zapping their goal-hitting motivation to boot.

    Lesson 1: Create Your Goal Setting Plan

    - What to do before a client rushes into buying more planners, programs or “goal setting systems.”

    - How to determine a clients learning style–and why it’s the #1 way to get more of the “right” things done, easier.

    - How to get to the root of unproductive behaviors that have stopped clients from setting solid goals in the past–so they can choose the right methods and tools this time and every time.

    - An overview of tools suited for every learning style–so they can see real movement toward their goals.

    Lesson 2: Grow Your Business & Your Income

    - The business growth life cycle and where most biz owners get stuck–and how to make sure they don’t.

    - The essential, must-know difference between business change and business growth–and why it matters to a clients overall goal-setting strategy.

    - How to break goals down into monthly and even weekly action steps that’ll get a client to the finish line faster.

    - How to “find the time” to work on growth goals

    - 6 areas to focus on when setting goals–including the #1 area all entrepreneurs should start with if they want to expand their businesses.

    - Tips and techniques for positioning themselves in the marketplace in a way that means they can set - and hit - bigger income goals.

    Lesson 3: Live Your Best Life

    - The mindset shifts you must make in order to believe significant lifestyle changes are possible–and exactly how to do this.

    - How buying high-end skin care and decluttering your home can help a client turn their big dreams into reality faster.

    - Why “doing everything yourself” and micromanaging details inside their business is hindering their ability to uplevel their lifestyle–and how to stop.

    - The “5 whys” that can help a client get to the core truths behind any self-sabotage–so they can stop blocking themselves from living their best life.

    Lesson 4: Make the World a Better Place

    - Why giving to others, outsourcing, and giving up micromanaging might be the best thing a client ever did for the longevity of their business–even if it “costs” in the short term.

    - 2 ways to use their business skills or investments to make a major difference

    It’s Time to Set Goals that Grow The Business and Make Life–and the World–Better

    This program will teach a client:

    - Absolute clarity & confidence on their goal-setting process–that’s unique to them and how their brain works.

    - Proven strategies for effective goal-setting, so they know what kind of goals to set & exactly how to follow through on them.

    - All the knowledge a client needs to set goals guaranteed to grow their business, uplevel their lifestyle & make the world a better place.

    The effective goal-setting strategies taught inside this course will give a client the tools they need to set and hit goals that will get them where they want to go – in business and in life.

    Check out their website for more information on their Goal Setting Bootcamp and other workshops and planners:

    Karin E. Fried, CPC, EMT-B, CTACC Certified Life & Business Coach
    North By Northwest - “Pointing you in the Right Direction for your Life”

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