No Need for 'Dog Whisperer' to Control Misbehaving Dogs - Free Dog Training Guide To Help Dog Owners Stop Excessive Barking

Top Quote Barking dogs are a problem for dog owners who are threatened with eviction when enough people complain. WagandBark .com is making available a free guidebook to help owners control their dog's barking as well as educating dog owners about more humane types of anti-barking collars and anti-barking devices. End Quote
    QuoteBarking can be such a difficult problem to address. The JetCare® System is what I recommend to clients and other veterinarians - Rachel Addleman, DVMQuote
  • Houston, TX (1888PressRelease) April 07, 2010 - You don't need to be a "dog-whisperer" to teach dogs to stop misbehaving. A free booklet outlines a reliable method for controlling unwanted behaviors such as biting, growling, jumping, chasing, stealing, and excessive barking.

    "Training for Success: Six Simple Steps for Training the JetCare® System Way" is a free download available from™ The Houston-based company is dedicated to educating dog owners about modern training methods that are painless and harmless.™ is the exclusive North American distributor of the JetCare® cold spray anti-bark and training collars for dogs. Owners can use the JetCare® System to help change a variety of unwanted behaviors -- not just excessive barking, emphasized Sheryl Davis Farnsworth, President & Founder of™.

    Unlike electro-static ("shock") collars or chemical ("citronella") sprays that interfere with a dog's sense of smell, the JetCare® System uses a brief sensation of cold air to disrupt unwanted behaviors.

    "Barking can be such a difficult problem to address, and in a perfect world, all neighbors would be understanding of a naturally noisy dog. The reality is that families need a safe and reliable way to address barking. …The JetCare® System is what I recommend to clients and other veterinarians," said veterinarian Rachel Addleman, DVM, ABVP, and certified veterinary acupunturist .

    Nearly every municipality, from California to Maine, has ordinances that address animal noise, often through "nuisance laws", according to the Animal Legal and Theoretical Center at Michigan State University. One town in the New York metro area is now considering fines for owners of noisy dogs, even when the pet is indoors.

    "Debarking" surgery to quiet noisy dogs is losing favor according to the New York Times. The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends that the surgery only be done after behavioral modification efforts to correct excessive vocalization have failed.

    The JetCare® JetCare® cold spray anti-bark and training collars for dogs are available in the U.S. and Canada ONLY through the™ website.™ is committed to serving dogs and their humans. The company's goal is to find compassionate and nurturing ways to enrich the lives of dogs - and their owners. Various training methods and products can be found on the Internet at

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