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  • NIX Solutions Ltd. is a global software development company based In Kharkiv, Ukraine. Founded in 1994 as a humble, garage-based venture, it has evolved into a powerhouse provider of information technology solutions not just to local companies, but to international organizations and private businesses, a majority of which are in the US and Western Europe. It has built remarkable reputation and broad portfolio of successfully completed engagements. They range from single-purpose tasks for small businesses to highly complex, multi-platform systems for large corporate clients with billion-dollar annual turnovers.
Nix Solutions Press Release -

  • United Perfectum has just announced the imminent release of the long-awaited BDD Collaboration Tool - Relime
  • United Perfectum powered by NIX Solutions Ltd. has stated the release of Relime product for software development this year. Relime is a powerful online collaboration tool designed for the development teams that use or plan to use BDD approach in the most efficient way. Its main objective is to increase understanding among all team members.
  • Relime is a powerful online collaboration tool for software development. It can easily be used by all members of a development team - whether they are ...
  • March 25, 2017
  • NIX Solutions has launched a new brand version of the popular travel app
  • NIX Solutions Limited is proud to announce a new brand version of uPackinglist iphone\android app. The app turns packing into a fast and convenient way of preparing for any journey using a unique algorithm for the list creation.
  • Journeys became an integral part of life for many people. No matter whether it is a business trip or a family one. Since 2009 uPackingList app has bec ...
  • March 01, 2017