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  • Garima N
  • NewsCollective AB Norrstigen 47, 181 31 Lidingö SWEDEN
  • Phone: 08065462489
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  • NewsCollective is an innovative, privately funded, international start-up company with offices in San Francisco, Stockholm and Mumbai.
    NewsCollective leverages the Internet to disrupt the traditional news agency model, changing the way content is created, shared and traded in the media world. Journalists now have the opportunity to reach out to a wider network of publishers worldwide, who might be interested in the content they can create in the form of articles, photos and videos.
    It is our vision to be the premier destination for content sourcing for publishers and journalists worldwide using the Internet as a medium (the news equivalent of YouTube and Facebook).
Newscollective Press Release -

  • NewsCollective Launches Online Video News Portal
  • NewsCollective, a website that provides an innovative approach to sourcing content online, is offering aspiring and professional journalists, and publishers an exciting opportunity by launching an online video news website.
  • Stockholm, Sweden. - NewsCollective, a company focused on empowering journalists and publishers worldwide to source content online, has announced the ...
  • May 20, 2011