Newly Launched Motor Engine Oil GRADES: SAE 30, 40, 50

Top Quote Motor Engine Oil 30, 40, 50 are blended from highly refined base stocks with high viscosity index and additives that impart detergent, dispersant, antioxidant and anti-wear properties. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 05, 2019 - Engine Oil 30, 40, 50 are mixed from profoundly refined base stocks with high thickness record and added substances that bestow cleanser, dispersant, cancer prevention agent and hostile to wear properties.

    Advantages :
    We are always told that engine oil is the lifeblood of a motorcycle. It is such a necessary component that you cannot even start an engine without it. It all sounds important, but how and what does spending on better quality help your engine. We are told at every service that the oil now is used up and needs to be changed, but how do you choose the next one for your engine. Here are 5 points you must know about good quality engine oil.

    Better lubrication : The quality and size of engine oils does make the necessary difference. This one is quite obvious really; engine oil runs through all the vital components of the engine and provides the necessary lubrication between the mechanical parts. It forms a layer of slick oil molecules on the inside of the engine.

    Enhances fuel efficiency : The smooth running of the engine oil, with the least amount of friction, translates into better burning of petrol in the cylinder. The smoother the running between the components, the less fuel gets wasted away generating power to move. If the engine oil is all used up and is generating more friction, more effort is required by the piston and the crank to generate power.

    Increases engine life : As mentioned earlier, engine components are made up of metal and have to rub and brush against each other to work. This would create a whole lot of frictional losses and engine wear and tear. Engine oil forms a slick film on all these components and saves them from scratching and rubbing against each other.

    Extracts more performance : Make a note, the better the engine oil, nicer the performance. Very standard mineral based engine oils extract the very standard rated performance out of your motorcycle’s engine. However, you cannot pull out more horses from a standard engine without making drastic changes, but you can change the way your machine responds. This feat can be achieved by changing the quality of the engine oil you introduce in the system.

    Keeps engine clean : Besides reducing friction and keeping the engine components cool, engine oil constantly catches as many contaminants as it can during its lifetime. While the engine works, contaminants and tiny chiselled metal filings are caught by the engine oil and collected in the oil filter.

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